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Yesterday, 04:37 AM

I was thinking that is the lay day rate for the boat, but was wondering about the empty trailer. May be the same thing considering storing a mast is $40 day.

Keehi lay day rates are on their rate sheet - see above in this thread. Not cheap ($63/day for 30').
Just spoke with Bob Hurd at Kaneohe YC. He indicated they are awaiting information from Pac Cup (unlike the rest of us). Their large hoist has 6k lift capacity, but they have limited it to 2k - I seem to remember an unfortunate incident in archives of Pac Cup. KYC Board met last night, they may increase this to accommodate Moores and Express 27's.
Inquired about keeping boat at Kaneohe for a week or two before shipping. In 2012 rule was "on the trailer and out the gate".
I'm sticking with SSS from now on. Anyone want to sail back?

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23 April 2014 - 07:07 PM

This is all of the same info I have, as well as quotes from Akana.  What I haven't figured out is if Keehi is going to charge, and how much, for the empty trailer storage from 7/14 to 7/24.   Anybody have that figured out?  



Solo's information is correct. Let me amplify for fellow obsessives and absentee mind owners like me:

Shipping trailer over

The trailer can only sail on the Mokihana from Oakland or Long Beach. Following is for Oakland only.

Mokihana sails from Oakland to Honolulu via Long Beach on Thursday every two weeks (6/19, 7/03 and 7/17).

Trailer must be at Port of Oakland no later than 3:30 pm on the preceeding Tuesday (6/15, 7/1 or 7/15).

Mokihana arrives in Honolulu on Wednesday (6/25, 7/9 or 7/23).

Mokihana moves to Pier 2 on Friday  (6/28, 7/11 or 7/27) Trailer may be available that day.

Trailer may be available on Friday, but may not be available until the following Monday depending on off loading schedule (6/30, 7/14 or 7/28)

Mokihana departs that Saturday for Oakland.

Basically, you cannot retrieve trailer and ship back on the return trip (unless you can sail in 6 days)....in which case you can afford your own C130 to ship the boat back anyway.

Shipping Back

Mokihana departs Honolulu on Saturday (7/26, 8/09)

Boat/Trailer must be loaded on the Thursday of sailing week before 15:45 hrs (7/24, 8/07) (click details on trip for Cutoff info).

Other information:

Oakland doesn't charge for storage prior to shipping, but charges 4 days after scheduled arrival.

Honolulu doesn't charge for storage prior to shipping, but charges (the Port i.e. State of HI, not Matson) “a lot” based on size after 3 days.

If you leave your boat and trailer with Matson more than three days before shipping back, it may possibly return to Oakland on another vessel earlier than scheduled. This is rare, but happens. However, Matson pays storage charges in Oakland up to the originally scheduled time of arrival.

The Matson rep, who was very helpful, suggested using a local shipping company to move the trailer and store it if will arrive more than 3 days prior to your arrival. She named Akana, Don's Makini Services, and Ed Yama Ashiro as three companys used by Matson customers.

Finally to schedule a shipment you need boat dimensions, trailer dimensions and estimated weight of trailer and boat. Mast should be prepared and placed on trailer. Can submit info to conventional@matson.com

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20 April 2014 - 09:08 PM

I'm with BobJ on this, negotiating with Keehi would be the best solution. We'd be happy to hire a crane, but not unless it was in the up and up. We are not going to sneak around on some abandoned dock... If there is any reading this who is more familiar with Keehi, is there someone we could approach? When I called awhile back to make some preliminary arrangements. I was told, very nicely, that the mast unstep would be $500 whether it was prepped or not. That just seems a little silly to us as we enjoy doing much of our own work.

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18 April 2014 - 06:15 PM

I read somewhere on here that in a past Pacific Cup several boats got together and rented a crane to unstep their masts in Honolulu before going to Keehi for the haul out.  Is anyone interested in doing that this year?  Our mast is easy and it's hard to justify the $500 Keehi charges.  $500 is small potatoes in this whole thing, but there are an awful lot of small potatoes! 


Thanks - Eric

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10 April 2014 - 06:27 PM

My guess is he built it in his apartment.  My dad did this (a long time ago, before I was born) with a much smaller boat, and this photo reminds me of stories of removing it from the 3rd floor.