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In Topic: AP Quadrant Attachment Post - Where to get?

20 May 2016 - 11:51 PM

Thanks 53333, but like I mentioned to Longy above, it's not a tiller arm I'm looking for, but rather the coupling to attach the AP Drive and Rudder reference to on the quadrant.  Thankfully Quattro is hooking me up with a replacement!  To keep anyone else from being confused by my less than stellar description, here's a similar, though somewhat less complex, part for another brand. Ours is longer with two different shaft sizes and two cotter pins:



I think you are looking for the Edson tiller arm extension.  I just bought one from Edson Marine for ~ $500.  Easy install but you have to provide Edson with the bore of the rudder post to within .003 of an inch - easy to do with a good caliper for that size.  FYI - Edson charges extra for oversize rudder post - it cost me another $150 or so for the machining.  Turn time is around 4-5 days from submitting the order.  You will need to get and fill out the "Autopilot Tiller Arm Data Sheet" from the Edson web site to show the bore size, location of the rudder post key and a few other items so Edson can make one that fits exactly.


In Topic: AP Quadrant Attachment Post - Where to get?

18 May 2016 - 05:01 AM

Hey Lance - I did PM you, not sure if you saw it. Thanks a million for the offer! Eric

In Topic: Probability of making it to Hawaii and back

17 May 2016 - 04:54 AM

Maybe not quite so lucrative as your estimate based on our n=1 sample. Our additional premium for Pac Cup was $900 for ~$100k boat - included rig and sails. It was, for us at least, however 100% profit for our insurer. There were at a least 2 rudders lost, but no other damage that would have warranted an insurance claim. So, yes, still very profitable. II suspect one lost soul would erase many years of cumulative profits though. Let's hope we never find out

Thanks for the replies. In an attempt to be concrete, here is a first estimate for the probability of race boats being lost on round trips between the USA West Coast and Hawaii:
There are three relevant races this year (2016): Vic-Maui (20? boats), PacCup (70 boats?) and Singlehanded TransPac (30 boats?). Call it 100 boats this year. Say about 50% make the return trip so that's roughly 75 equivalent round trips. If this year is typical then over 10 years this would be 750 boats.
Based on the comments 3 boats have been lost. These are the trimaran (race), whale attack (return) and Wildflower (return). The boat lost in the hurricane last summer was not associated with a race and is not in the specified cohort.
So, the odds of losing a round-trip race boat are 3/750 = 0.4%. If a typical insurance premium for the 75 day round trip is $2k per $100k (with extreme restrictions) then the risk to the insurer is 0.004 x $100k = $0.4k.
A 500% margin! Sounds like a good business proposition to me.

In Topic: AP Quadrant Attachment Post - Where to get?

17 May 2016 - 04:36 AM

Yes, that's exactly it - love this place when someone (I assume Lance) knows the exact part on the exact boat! Do you happen to know where it originally came from? We leave it disconnected most of the time and I think an unnamed crew may hooked it up wrong before this delivery. Man that boat has been good to us!

Is this the pin bolted to the quadrant?  AP drive and Rudder reference ends slide over it and secured with clips?
Like it was  when it was Sunday Ticket?

In Topic: AP Quadrant Attachment Post - Where to get?

17 May 2016 - 01:30 AM

Thanks - I think it might come to having a new one made.  At least I know a guy.