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race 18, @1:21

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22 knts to 30 knts upwind by trimmer adjustment my ass.

Non foil to foil , 8 kts plus :)
That they couldn't achieve in 4 months of testing. oh but the learning curve is steep, yet only during the regatta, not the prior 4 months.
Tackle the problem differently: Why was Aotearoa unable to get it up - on the uphill?

My understanding is that they couldn't regulate ride height - they would fly too high and crash off the foils to leeward.

So, let's stick Herbie on Aotearoa and see if that does the trick. Ride height solved - but problems remain:

Problem 1. Too much lateral loading on the main foil. Given the problem is jumping to leeward - it is essential to reduce lateral loading on the dagger foil.

Oracle solution: Open slot in wing, and turn off or ignore wing load alarms as pressure is moved aft.

TNZ solution: Pie warmers?

Problem 2: Cant the leeward foil fully inboard to position dagger to resist leeway and avoid a fatal slip and fall.

Oracle solution: Build a foil with minimal dihedral - to maximize lateral resistance - especially down low - so if Herbie falters and the boat flies too high - there will still be enough effective dagger in the drink.

TNZ solution: Build a foil for maximum power to windward. When fully canted inboard the TNZ foil's center of effort lies further outboard than the Oracle board - but only when fully immersed. Unfortunately, the greater dihedral in the TNZ foil will allow more leeway when the hull rises clear of the water - and the curved dagger loses traction.

Conclusion: Because of wing design and board geometry - TNZ cannot fly to weather.

A final note: Herbie didn't work too well. Given the fastest flight is just clear of the surface, we see Oracle flying WAY TOO HIGH! Yet the dagger holds - Holy Shit!


- like fine art, each view reveals something new...
Which race was that? That had to be the moment when OR thought 'we might just pull this off', and NZ thought 'oh fuck'.

Great post. We really have to ask the same questions about NZ as OR, and apply any conspiracy theories to both.
I'm frankly confused by the disbelief. That graph of OR board movements for example. Are some thinking that is evidence of herbie?? If so, two things:
1, we don't have a similar graph for NZ. They might control at a similar frequency. Truth is we have way more info on OR than NZ, why is that?
2. Even if OR moved board more often, that's simply the result of having better controls. Controls that are accessible, precise, and effective will get used more often than controls that are not.

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13 September 2014 - 02:24 PM

One question that remains unanswered for me is: Did their system give Jimmy the ability to dial in an absolute foil rake angle relative to the MWP or the horizon.

would a system that provided rake relative to the horizon have been clearly against the rules? (I would have thought so)
That would have been quite easy to do with very small components.
If that was what was done do you think the got it passed by, or hidden/disguised from, the measurement committee?
Interesting, one question that remains unanswered for me is... Has Grant stopped killing kittens?

If any teams foil control system had sensors that electrically fed into the loop, that would be cheating. No gray area there. Yes, gyro circuitry would be easy to hide.

If a team did do such a thing, would there be evidence in boat behavior? Or crew behavior?
Did any boat or crew exhibit such behavior.

But seriously... Grant, stop hurting the kittens.

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12 September 2014 - 05:43 PM

i think allegations like this need to be accompanied with more details.

This cloudy guy seems smart and in the know, why doesn't he clearly describe the infraction?

And for reference we need to know the details of NZ's controls, cause they are likely just as gray.

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12 September 2014 - 05:23 PM


Then after being destroyed in the first few races of the AC finals, OTUSA then plays their card (intended for use in the event of a breakage) declines to race ETNZ (Who are on a roll) makes changes to their boat and crew and suddenly is a whole lot faster, almost overnight because they learned how to sail their boat (After 2 boat testing as long as they did)??

Did not happen like this. OR played the card as was their right. It was a ballsy move. NZ won 4 of the next 6 races. OR was not suddenly a whole lot faster. They improved gradually and 8 days after the card began the 8 win streak. Even then NZ remained in striking distance with very comparable speed, at least until the last couple races when it just got sad. And then dean cried.

"A ballsy move" I wonder... If ETNZ had've played their card, would it have been a ballsy move? I'd be willing to bet, if Dean had played that card he would've been weak and soft. But because Jimmy played it, its "Ballsy" 

Yes, it would have been equally ballsy, but not sure NZ was capable of such an action.  It wasn't just a risky move.  For all the lame bravado that JS puts out there, that decision displayed a maturity and wisdom that was surprising to me.  For a group of egos like that to let reality dictate, not pride...to reassess with clear eyes, stop the bleeding, move forward, nothing to sacred for consideration...that was impressive work.  


I have huge admiration for TNZ and the way they approached the cup.  But they played dirty at times too.  And they lost.  The cup was not stolen from them.