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rules question, several ones

03 October 2016 - 03:46 PM



ok, heres the background to the rules questions I have below.

Race instructions /Nor says Jam and Spinnaker class. I sign up in SPI .. 5 minutes before the race RC/CBboat ask me if I want to race jam as I am the only SPI boat and 4 Jam boats. Well I think I make his life easier and say yes. No extra start, different course and its a obviously a low pressure deal anyhow...


Now 2 weeks later he basically calls me a cheat as I was using my Jib and my regular genua  ( I have two forstays ) and when I switch from one sail to the other, I let genua out and than furl jib in and vica versa...   Now the RC is calling me a cheat using two for sails. Of course he didn't change my Phrf from SPI to JAM either. My fiancée and I are the ones sailing my boat and we take it easy anyhow and place 4 ( out of 5 ) lol


2 weeks later .. bigger event ..  I sign up on SPi .. he tells me that if nobody else comes up I have to sail JAM but I better not cheat again .  NOR/SI have SPI class in it ..  The discussion almost ends up in a fight and I told him I will not race under those aquisations...



Question 1 :   forget the fact that I was racing with SPI rating, and never used my SPI or Code 0 , just the permanent jib and genua ...  can I use both sails at the same time ?  Its a Trimaran with two forestays.


Question 2 : despite that the nor/Si call for spi class, can he cancel the class if only I show up and not more SPI entrants ?


Question 3 : My Genua is permantley fixed to my bowsprit my jib is about 3 feet behind on the bow  ( Jib is about 110 % )

J length is measured to the staysail. cutter rigged first stay for the JIB  and Mast to forward stay for the Genua . One of his allegations are that my genua is bigger than 155 % which might actually be true if I measure J length ONLY to the fist forstay. Keep in mind that the second furthest away forstay basically holds up my mast ( both are fractional )


Thanks  Thor   

fast safe light shoal draft ... coming from Multihull... what Boat ?

13 September 2016 - 06:24 PM


Currently own a Farrier Trimaran  F 33...


What if ...  I would be looking for a Mono to cruise in ...


min length 36 feet

the boat would be on the west coast of Florida with trips to the Bahamas

NOT a live a board ... max trip length 2 months


So we need what max draft ? I am thinking that 5 foot might be pushing it already


I like a sprit boat or at least a short pole to hang a code zero or spinnaker onto


open transom or better movable bath platform


I want to be able to control the boat by myself ... german mainsheet system ... 

and winches for the forsail in reach of tiller or wheel ( s ).....  

self tacking jib


Yes I need a bimimi but can be split in two parts to allow mainsheet inbetween.


better be wide in the butt and has chimes to keep the lady flat


I would like reefing in boom versus in mast reefing ....


I am looking at Bene Oceanis 38 ..which does have a few of my requirements but not all.

Sabre 36 ? has a few but its an old boat , nothing wrong with that ...


coming from an ultrafast tri, which ticks off most of my requiremts the search might be impossible


But lets hear