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RC Facnor furler ..endless line installation

01 July 2014 - 02:48 AM

got an Facnor RC furler for the JIb ....  the furler line gets old and I got a new one from APS who delivered on time as usual and great job on the endless splice...


Now I also have some code o furler from facnor and changed their line couple weeks ago with no issues at all , now they work almost as good as the Colligo furler... but back to the RC


how in heaven can one install the line ? those "bells" or line guides are one piece ... hence one needs to splice the line on deck , after it gets round the drum ?  I don't like that as I don't have anybody I trust to make a splice around here...


Did anybody cut the drums and squeezed the endless line through ? I guess if I dremel the inside underside of each bell ?


Lets hear

Thanks Thor

charleston race week ....only 2 races ?

15 April 2014 - 08:43 PM

why only two races for the multi fleet in Charleston ...


congrats to the winners in the 6 fleet class ....


with 80 J 80's 30 Vipers and overall 285 ? boats, why only 6 multis ?

Was it multifriendly ? docking ?

what courses ?

give us the skinny