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In Topic: Spin Halyard management

Today, 06:24 AM

Electrical tape, it sticks to itself even when it's wet

yeah, no. it's not known for it's adhesive abilities when wet.

In Topic: US Refugees

Yesterday, 10:21 PM


This just in: Ryan Lochte accuses the Canadians of abducting him and his fellow drunken flotilla-mates.


With guns drawn and cocked.



Wait, this is Canada, we don't have guns.


speak for yourself. i can't fully close the door on my safe.

In Topic: US Refugees

Yesterday, 03:43 AM

seriously need to build a fucking wall. this isn't florida where cubans can just float into the keys!

In Topic: Spin Halyard management

Yesterday, 02:04 AM

the tape usually just tears thru. you'd take the end off and toss it down below, and wrap a fresh section around the halyard for the next hoist.

In Topic: Can you fly a jib off a sprit without a change to rating in PHRF?

Yesterday, 02:02 AM

rules might say you can only hoist one headsail.