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In Topic: Cycling is a great compliment to sailing

Yesterday, 10:45 PM

Do you ever stop to think that the reason why more women aren't into sailing is because new people find forums like S.A. and run screaming? This thread contributes nothing to sailing, please remove it. Sailing is a good ol' boys club and threads like this ensure it stays that way.

fuck off and show us your girlfriends tits

In Topic: iPad air w/cellular data 'real' offshore GPS anarchy

Yesterday, 10:17 PM


just where is google going to innovate next? and when will apple catch up?



You're confused about what an iPad is.


i am not confused at all. most days for me it's a clay pigeon or a frisbee. fucking pieces of shit.


and you missed his spelling of tablet as tables.

In Topic: iPad air w/cellular data 'real' offshore GPS anarchy

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

All IPads with cell have a full GPS chip on-board.  Apple in their infinite wisdom have crippled the GPS setup so that ephemeris (the data about the GPS satellites) is only received over the cell network through the A-GPS service.  I am not sure if they have enable ephemeris reception from the GPS signal in any products,  The ephemeris is good for several hours and can lead you to think the GPS is going to work long term.


Apple devices are outstanding at things Apple want you to use them for.  If you want to go beyond that, they suck the big one.


The best solutions are a bluetooth GPS or an Android tablet.  Just about all Android devices, cell or Wi-Fi only have a fully operational GPS system.  I run Navionics and MX Mariner on my Nexus 10 tablet and they work really well. MX Mariner is a great free solution for US and NZ raster charts. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mx.mariner 

good thing you read the entire thread before posting your misinformation.


i have an iphone 5 sitting on a desk with no sim and gps works just fine. all radios but gps are off and it works just fine.


you don't need a bluetooth gps to drain the battery at an accelerated pace. any device these days has radios that can be turned off and on individually and selectively. blackberry was doing it before there was even an iphone.

In Topic: 1D35 Stolen from Kona Kai Marina in San Diego

Yesterday, 05:14 PM

like chimps typing shakespeare, he just keeps typing until some words come out.

In Topic: Vegans can do anything...

Yesterday, 04:19 PM

cats? wouldn't they be stringy and gamey?