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05 November 2012 - 12:15 PM

Italian built Per Elisa 1992,

Now sailing in Falmouth (UK). Was in the yard for a respray job last winter or winter before that.

Pretty much think so! I started my career as a sailor on that boat, while it was still in Italy in 2004. Quite an extreme design, it already had changed the original sailplan for a smaller one under IMS. Anyway, not much keel, and lots of lead in the bilge. Extremely fast in light winds, but scary on anything over 20 knots. It had only two very small winches for the genoa, the runners had a strange system composed of a "fast" sheeting 2:1 and a light one 8:1 made with blocks. Again, good for light winds, but scary for breeze (consider that the boom was so long that its aft end was behind the runners, so it got stuck during jibes and tacks). The mast was so thin that if you joined your index fingers and thumbs could fit between your hands. I have only one pic, as soon as I will have time I will scan it. The design was from Ceccarelli. from the pics from his website looks like the boat has had some job done, especially over the mast. http://www.ceccarell...sign.com/?p=567

There is a Qtr Tonner sailing in Ireland that goes by the name "Per Elisa" also and has a "Ceccarelli 92" sticker on it. That would make it longer than the HT mentioned above. Were QT and HT boats that close in size?

Edit: found the link: http://www.ceccarell...ign.com/?p=1108

The'92 refers to the year the QT Per Elisa was built and not LOA