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Ehman v Coutts

18 November 2016 - 09:00 PM

I really pay almost no attention to the AC any more, and this is one of the reasons why.


Boats being built in other countries - seriously - the whole point of the AC in the first place was to showcase design and build superiority.


Are the Kiwi's going to be the only team with a boat that is Deed compliant in terms of build?







World Sailing "strategic positioning" and being green

05 October 2016 - 12:14 PM

World Failing sent this out the other day.  Not that in the scheme of things it really means all that much to about 99.9999% of people who actually race sailboats. But whatever, let them try to "regulate" the sport.  Between the current apathy and more regulation it should only serve to hasten their demise.


The joke of this is that the Executive Committee has now basically turned everything over to a non-sailor.  They seem to think they can do a better job of commercializing sailing all of the sudden.  Good luck with that.



Luca Devoti does an excellent job refuting their whole "green" thing too.





For immediate release: Tuesday 4 October 2016

Issued on behalf of World Sailing

World Sailing launches new strategic positioning: Sailing - Sport, Nature and Technology in perfect harmony

World Sailing is pleased to announce a new strategic positioning for the sport, expressed in a new, fresh and modern brand identity.

A stronger and more contemporary visual identity alongside a new vision and mission puts sport, nature and technology at its core and fully completes the transition from the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to World Sailing which commenced in November 2015.

The new brand identity has been rolled out across World Sailing's digital properties alongside the release of a short film highlighting sailors, coaches, sailing fans and sports fans reinforcement of the new positioning. Click here to view the film.

World Sailing's Vision and Mission:

Vision: A world in which millions more people fall in love with sailing; inspired by the unique relationship between sport, technology and the forces of nature; we all work to protect the waters of the world.

To make sailing more exciting and accessible for everyone to participate or watch; and use our reach and influence to create a sustainable future for our sport and the waters of the world:
•    To create, and regulate, exciting competition events to showcase the natural power of wind driven water sport;
•    To build a strong profile and image for sailing – using our key points of difference to resonate with people and give them a lifetime of sport;
•    To create a tangible sustainability programme that maximises the positive effect that the sailing community can have on our environment.

All of this can be encapsulated in a simple message: sport, technology & nature in perfect harmony.

World Sailing CEO Andy Hunt commented, "World Sailing has to adapt and seize opportunities and our new positioning captures both the substance and emotion of why we all have a passion for sailing.

"A more contemporary brand identity for World Sailing represents our new proposition to ensure we stand out in what is a very crowded marketplace and provide us with the flexibility to meet the communication needs of a modern, complex, multi-channel organisation.

"We hope that new brand identity will resonate well with fans, sponsors and the sailing community and captures the collective desire of Sailors to be the guardians of the Ocean.”

At World Sailing's 2016 Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain the new brand will come to life, enabling the sailing community to explore how to maximise the impact of the new Vision and Mission.

Sailing will be laying down plans for a healthy sustainable future for the sport, as well as the more specific subject of sustainability in the waters of the world. The dialogue and engagement will be centred on an overarching theme of, 'Our Sustainable Future'.

By Daniel Smith - World Sailing

Editors' notes:

World Sailing Marketing and Media Department
Tel: + 44 2380 635 111
Email: marketing@sailing.org

World Sailing is the world governing body for the sport of sailing.
World Sailing is made up of 141 Member National Authorities (MNAs), who are its principal members, and responsible for the decision making process that governs the sailing world.
There are currently more than 100 World Sailing classes, ranging from the small dinghy classes for young people up to 60-foot ocean racers.
For more information about World Sailing please go to sailing.org or contact marketing@sailing.org


Phone: +44 (0)2380 635111
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Postal Address: World Sailing (UK) Ltd, Ariadne House, Town Quay Southampton, SO14 2AQ, United Kingdom
Email: www.sailing.org/contactworldsailing

Website: www.sailing.org

Copyright World Sailing (UK) LTD. All Rights Reserved.
Please read our Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

This Press Release has been sent by Sotic on behalf of World Sailing

World Sailing says FU to AUS and NZL

17 September 2016 - 12:38 PM

Not that this matters to the vast majority of racing sailors, but World Sailing has some new initiative going on with some sort of "strategic platform".  Seems that only selected people from a member national authority can learn about it on this conference call.  The public is not to know anything.  


As it happens, part of this new strategic platform is to kill the Melbourne event for the Sailing World Cup.  While I think the Sailing World Cup has massive issues anyway, this just shows how myopic and Euro/Brit centered World Sailing really is.  So they aren't really "World Sailing", are they.


What this means of course is that the World Sailing marketing and media director - the Aussie Olympic medalist Malcolm Page - either sold out his own country, or has zero juice inside the organization.


As a World Sailing VP, Adrienne Greenwood from NZL either sold out her country, and neighbor, or has no juice on the Executive Committee either.


People who have Olympic sailing aspirations need to wake up and realize they are just an unpaid actor in a bad sports reality TV show.  All World Sailing is these days is an event marketing and tv production company for their own events.  Everything else is just regulatory control over the sport with minimal to negative benefit to the greater good of the game.





To:         MNAs

               Council (for information)
Dear Members,
 On October 4th World Sailing will be launching a new strategic platform for the sport - a new way that people can connect with Sailing.
 We would like to invite you to attend a live web briefing. This will take place via a Google Hangout / Youtube Live session which will be repeated 3 times on the 04/10 to try to accommodate all time zones.
 Briefing 1 – 0830 Central European Summer Time (UTC+1)
 Briefing 2 – 1430 Central European Summer Time (UTC+1) 
 Briefing 3 – 1830 Central European Summer Time (UTC+1) 
 In order to attend the event, you will need to have a google account, If you don’t have one, is simple to do and freehttps://accounts.goo...google.com/mail
 If you would like to attend, please email Debbie Harris (copied into this email) indicating which briefing that you would like to attend and your email address (this has to be associated with your google account). You will then receive an invite in due course to your selected event. 
 We look forward to speaking to you on the 04 October.
 Best regards,
 Andy Hunt
Chief Executive Officer
Here's what Australia Sailing has to say about it all 
New Sailing World Cup strategy snub to Southern Hemisphere

Australian Sailing has expressed its disappointment in elements of World Sailing’s new strategy and format for the Sailing World Cup released earlier this week.

The new Series format has no Southern Hemisphere venues scheduled for the next four years, with only the possibility of an opportunity in 2018. The immediate impact is that this year’s Sailing World Cup event in Melbourne will be the last after nine successful years.

Australian Sailing CEO Matt Carroll said, “We support World Sailing’s plan to create a long-term strategy and certainty in the sailing calendar and to build closer ties with the Olympic classes.  However, with Melbourne now removed from the Series, World Sailing has effectively snubbed the Southern Hemisphere with their showcase event.”

“World Sailing has been pushing for sailing to be an inclusive global sport, but the exclusion of the Southern Hemisphere as a host venue for the Sailing World Cup would seem to be a backward step”, Matt added.

At the recent Rio Olympic Games, Australia and New Zealand shared the honour of the highest medals per country with four each, and four of the top 10 countries in the medal tally were from the Southern Hemisphere.

Sailing World Cup Melbourne Organising Committee Chairman, Mark Klemens said, “Like many, we were surprised by the announcement that unfortunately no longer includes the Southern Hemisphere in this pinnacle global series. While we have enjoyed working closely with World Sailing to assist in the creation and development of the Sailing World Cup since its inception, we are disappointed that the new series format doesn’t include Australia and in particular Melbourne.

“I particularly wish to thank the State Government of Victoria who have been longstanding and generous supporters of this event and the sport of sailing since 1991, the Melbourne Clubs and other stakeholders.  We will deliver an outstanding and memorable Sailing World Cup Final this December and look forward to a new direction for Melbourne and its support of other major sailing events”, Mark added.

Matt Carroll joined Mark in thanking the Victorian Government for their investment in sailing. “There is no doubt that this investment has supported the Australian Sailing Team’s recent success at the Olympic Games in London and Rio.

“While we are disappointed by the decision to move all the of the Sailing World Cup Series to the Northern Hemisphere, we will do all we can to ensure our sailors are given the best chance to compete on a level playing field.  Tokyo 2020 is not far away and every opportunity will be utilised to prepare them for the next Olympic Games”, Matt said.