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In Topic: 106th CYC Race to Mackinac

Yesterday, 06:01 PM

And this Chateau le Blanc '68 is supposed to be served slightly chilled! This is room temperature! What do you think we are, animals?

In Topic: 106th CYC Race to Mackinac

Yesterday, 02:06 PM

They poured me a Grande skinny mocha into my Venti purchased Nonfat skinny mocha latte? WTF. What kind of baristas are they getting on that island... I should have just gotten a God damn Frappuccino and been done with it. And hello, 4G.. I was getting like 3G most of the time on my phone. And one  time, saw a 1x on my phone and almost threw it away. Like, was this Canadian metric mobile service or what. Whatever...

In Topic: Farr B/One

Yesterday, 01:52 PM

I'm waiting on the;  239 / 2 Farr T

In Topic: S/A licence plate frame

Yesterday, 01:48 PM

It's quite simple; if you don't wasn't to be mutilated or killed, stop poaching the King's deer. Why do you people not seen the logic in this? Bloody peasants....

In Topic: 2013 Ugotta Regatta - Harbour Springs

29 July 2014 - 01:42 PM

How long is that 100 Miler race?

LC 41nm ish?

I think its the sum of the long and short course combined? I have no fucking idea...

We got Twister! That Dubois 50 is still well sailed.. 22 seconds quicker than Id like! Congrats to The Honey Badger for their overall win.