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Today, 12:28 PM

Tri-State / Bi-State / The Lake Michigan TransBender, the Threeway Regatte, The Ole' Michigan Mistake...


I think it was the 2001 race where the abandoned the first leg. Some of us went anyways. And a fun ride it was...  I remember one of the excuses I heard (3rd party) was that the RC boat couldn't hold an anchor... Well, I'm not sure if that was the official statement, but if it was, it would have been a poo® excuse in my book.


Well, let's see if the suns out this Friday, if so, we might be staying home... If there's a storm nearby, they'll send us out to the starting area, then not show up, and abandon the race via radio right as the storm is passing through and the sun is setting behind the skyline. 


You know what they say, red sky at night, go fuck yourself..

In Topic: I had a good laugh yesterday.... RC abuse

26 August 2016 - 01:23 PM

Don Rickles? Oh I remember... In fact, I was boarding a plane, standing there in first class queued up like a fucking idiot with my roller-board in hand and my laptop case over my shoulder, heading for my wonderfully appointed couch seat. I look over to my left at the man seated in the big comfy 1st class lounger ; it Don Rickles. So I'm trying to place the face, you know like a fucking moron, I'm thinking I know this guy. Typical Blubberboy situation. 'This guy looks familiar, how the hell do I know this guy...'  Then it dawn on me, I don't know this guy, it's Don Rickles. Meanwhile, he's been watching me, staring at him, trying to figure out who he is. All the while he's giving me this hard stare. The line starts moving, he's still giving me the stink eye, and I simply say to him as I'm breaking eye contact, ' I know, I know, I'm a  fucking Hockey Puck...' He quickly snaps back, ' You go that right!' 


Love that man!



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26 August 2016 - 12:32 PM


In Topic: I had a good laugh yesterday.... RC abuse

26 August 2016 - 12:09 AM

With my limited experience as a (P)RO I haven't been dressed down by anyone during, or after a race. If someone was to throw a shit-storm my way, I think I'd probably just let it somewhat role. I guess it would depend on how abusive they got. And of course, I'd probably give it back at them if they got too out of line. 


'You know, OCS is the least of your worries, the problem you're having is that you're a shitty sailor. The occasional OSC can be corrected, but you compete lack of understand of this sport is what is ultimately hindering you. Maybe you should try something less challenging... Say, checkers? I know of a park close by, maybe we could arrange for you to stop by and give it a go. What do you say? I'm serious, you're a fucking horrible sailor... Think of the money you'd be saving....' 



I have a simple rule in life: everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion. 

In Topic: How high should I put my winches on the mast?

23 August 2016 - 12:54 PM

Here's an honest thought, not a smart arse comment - Think of a worst case scenario where you're having to douse a sail in conditions where your ass might be firmly planted on the deck right at the mast partner/foot. Now, can you reach the winch?  IF there was a nasty override on the winch and you were trying to lower a sail, could you do this from a compromising position? 


The reason I say this, I have a evening Beercan ride which utilizes winches on the mast. And a few times I've had to dose the A-kite with the belly-cord in one hand, and the halyard in the other hand, which is wrapped around the winch on the mast. And as you could imagine, screaming in to a mark rounding at a hot angle has proven to be cause for some squiddly diddly like moments.  And I can further attest that having the winch a few inched lower, so as one could reach up and easliy undo wraps around the winch, could prove to be a true Godsent...