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In Topic: No mention of Derek Hatfield...?

02 August 2016 - 03:36 PM

i had a hell of a great time working on all of his campaigns. loved sailing with him. awesome guy. have had many of a rummer with him, and many more since i learned the bad news.

he was the hundred and twenty sixth person to race solo around this ball. the only canadian to do it twice. would have been three times if not for the spreaders.

deepest condolences to patianne and the kids.

fair winds buddy,


It's certainly been a solemn few days at the Gumby-NG household.  He was a very good friend to us, and he gave my husband some incredible opportunities (3 Trans-Atlantic crossings with him). So many great memories, of our time spent with him and his family (and you, basketcase)


So hard to lose someone you had so much admiration and respect for, so hard to think of two beautiful young kids losing their father so soon, and can't even fathom how devastated Patianne must be.  :(