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In Topic: Whale watching boat sinks off of Vancouver Island with 27 aboard

27 October 2015 - 04:46 AM

I was looking at the pictures and started to wonder what the underbody on the boat looks like. In the first picture the underbody looks very shallow and flat. In the second, I'm not sure what I'm seeing. In the yard I get to see all kinds of older commercial hulls and most of them have lots of dead rise and deeper draft. Maybe the whale watching fleet, with the need to cover lots of territory, tend to have more speed oriented, flatter hull shapes. With all the weight high and not much going on below the water what kind of stability would this design have? Not enough would be the obvious answer. What do you think?


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In Topic: Birthday Present Mandolin

30 September 2015 - 05:01 AM

Keep and eye out for a fun new film, Revival, The Sam Bush Story. Entertaining and full of great music.

In Topic: Surveyor recommendation in Seattle / Anacortes / Bellingham area

26 September 2015 - 12:10 AM

Jon, have you worked witn Alain Vilage? I'm curious to know why you're recommending him.
I know that based on a couple of chats with him, I'd trust him to look a potential boat over for me. Especially as he's respectful of his own limitations, AKA, knows when to say no, to surveying boat X, or Y.

And not to hijack the thread, but does anyone know of a good surveyor on Puget Sound who's certified with a Thermal Imager? A handy tool to have when it's time for a (boat's) "checkup".

I had Alain Vilage survey a boat for me based on a number of recommendations and the fact that both of us are based in Port Townsend (although the boat was in Seattle). I was impressed with his work and think he gave me a good and thorough picture of the boat. I would certainly use him again. That said, a friend I trust recommended Erik Bentzen, especially for race boats. Good luck with your purchase. Stay cool.

In Topic: Surveyor recommendation in Seattle / Anacortes / Bellingham area

25 September 2015 - 04:51 AM

Alain Vilage, Port Townsend

In Topic: Ted Pike RIP

26 August 2015 - 04:38 AM

Kiwi Ferris of Edensaw posted this picture of Ted on Facebook. Ted was a wonderful guy, a friend to so many, and a great sailor. I think the last time he brought ANNIE TOO out to race in light air he won in what were not ANNIE's conditions as she is a Lapworth L45, a big, powerful boat designed and built for the Transpac. Ted could sail and he kept ANNIE racing and winning. But beyond all his talents on the water and in the yard, for so many of us, his smile and warm heart will be what we will miss most.

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