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02 May 2014 - 12:56 AM

Just to take some very very rough and round numbers -


J/70 sold approx 700 boats @ ~ $50,000 each = $35,000,000 worth of boats.  Can be sailed by 3, everyone sails the boat, Probably at least another 700 sales potential.


M40 ~ 5 boats @ $500,000 each = $2,500,000 worth of boats. Lots of folks required to sail the boat, most of them railmeat. Total sales potential _______?


40's look cool and I'm sure will be fun for the folks that actually sail them. And it can sail in places you'd be stupid or Webb Chiles to sail the J/70. I'm not the market for this kind of boat but there obviously is a market, although how big it is and how many players it can support are big questions.


Both the Johnstones and the Melges have proven they're not in in the sailboat business, to reference the old joke, to make a small fortune. While the witty humorists on SA may ask, "what's it rate?", these guys have been at this a while and seem to ask "what's it pay?"