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HELP! International shipping!!

28 June 2016 - 05:41 PM

Okay... I need a part... a rather silly ass part... from a supplier in the UK.  They don't ship to the US.  I don't understand, but maybe its a Brexit thing.  Anyway, I need to ship the part to someone in the UK and then have them just post it to me in the US.  I will gladly PayPal you the funds to re-post it.


Sounds totally like a scam... yeah... but it is just a $11.25 part... what the hell is it?


Two 4 packs of 35mm solar panel corner protectors... apparently nobody in North America has these anymore!




And, yes, I see that I can get them on eBay out of AUS... same gig... they won't/don't ship to the US.


Can anyone out there help me out?  PM me please.


Alternatively, if you can find them in the states, post up the link!  The only ones I can find cover only the top part of the corner, not top and bottom.