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12 August 2014 - 01:30 AM

The 2014 DDD was quite the learning experience. Unfortunately I didn't finish. The wind angles were a bit too deep for me to stay on the foils at the wind speeds encountered. This was frustrating to say the least. The wind was generally at about 130 degrees to the channel and approaching the Western edge the wind was very disturbed by foliage. 62 gybes later I finally decided that the day wasn't going to ending with me crossing the line under sail.
As for highlights, I set a new top speed for the boat at 23.9kts. Sailing through the Thistle fleet was pretty sweet. I got to do it a couple of times as I dropped off the foils they'd catch right up and keep on truckin'. It's hard to explain just how fun it is to pass folks to leeward at twice their speed.
The only gear breakage was the mainsheet bridle and my legs. In the future I'll proactively replace those smaller diameter lines at the first sign of cover chafe. I'm also in the market for some shin guards to augment the wetsuit's protection. Three-plus hours of racing on a moth is fucking hard any way you cut it. So, you might as well go as fast as possible to minimize the time spent on the water.
Overall, I loved the race and expect to do it again next year. I'm hoping that my skill level increases enough to sail lower and more elegantly in flukey conditions. I would imagine that a competent moth sailor would be able to sail through the entire fleet with relative ease should they be able to stay on their foils over most of the course.
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In Topic: Delta Dinghy Ditch Run

08 August 2014 - 05:05 AM

I'll be there on a moth and am hoping for decent breeze. The forecast is getting better... 15 knots of breeze and 89 degree air temp sounds pretty nice to me.