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In Topic: Tabasco Company vs. "Tabasco" Sail Boat

12 November 2007 - 11:46 PM

I agree with caneesq....

Also, before you go any further with silly extortion plans, never assume that the lawyers down at McIlhenny don't frequent this forum.

The McIhenny Family was sent a link to this forum earlier today. Many sailors in the family. Looks like a very nice CYA letter with free Swag.

Trashing them on the internet is probably not the reaction they were looking for, and is certainly uncalled for. It is a very well run company with a great product. NUF SAID

In Topic: Charleston Area Sailing

19 October 2007 - 02:21 AM

Not sure why there's not much left on the schedule. It does usually stay warm enough to sail all year. Maybe the clubs have their own series in the winter?

Sailing is a summer sport in Charleston. Lived their 8 years and think they have the best sailing conditions in the South.

In Topic: U.S Olympic Trial Outcomes

18 October 2007 - 10:33 PM

Whoa! Serious sour grapes there. My understanding is as follows:

Race 13 or 14, Robbie Daniel's team had a bad race, and were lying in 4th or 5th. Lovell was in first and "Team Red Gear" tuning partner was in second. There was nothing but a spin fetch left to the finish. At this point Daniel's training partner jibed away from the finish, sailed a little ways, then jibed back, wrapping their chute. Coaches and spectators were all crying "foul". The only reason to jibe was to get passed by his tuning partner. As this sort of behaviour is team racing, and is illegal in our sport.

After speaking with the coaches that witnessed the incident, Lovell filed the protest.

From looking at the scores, I can see it was disallowed, we all know there is no way to win that protest anyway, but clearly it got under "Team Red Gear's" skin. As it should have. Even if Robbie Daniel was completely innocent in the incident, going into the room when his tuning partner had so clearly done something wrong had to shake him up. If he was as righteous as Jill propogates, he'd be cool as a cucumber, with nothing to be "psyched out" about.

<_< <_<

sour grapes, sore loosers. I heard another competitor witnessed that he saw the training partner guys flounder around to give a point to the Team Red Gear's number one team a point they maybe did not earn. WoW. what a statement that a Coach who is world class and has been a member of US Sailing since the 40's who was impartial felt that he had seen the same "giving of a point"

What is sailing comming to. People giving their friend points to rig the score. It reminds me of something you would see in the NBA or other point shaving venues not sailing. I mean really there is not any money at stake.

I must agree that actions like that need to protested or they will continue. I hope other point shavers are watching this and seeing what can happen to you if you participate in such activites.

I sure hope the guys who won go on to win a Medal for the USA.