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13 July 2016 - 03:36 PM


So why has BYC given level ratings on the shore course to the old Level 126 class and C&C 35s. On the cove island course Ben. 36.7s and J120s also get a level rating for the whole class. Level 35 (J35 & T35), has been racing for 20 years as a level class but now we have to race handicapped. Additionally they've thrown a J33 into the class. I'm calling bullshit, Is Declerque on that J33?

So they have now moved the J33 into class E, leaving only J & T 35s in class G. These are the same bosts that have been racing level for over 20 years, now forced to race on handicap. WE DON'T WANT TO! Solution: Rate all boats in class G ,886, the  fastest measured boat in the class. Nope won't happen will it?



I'm pretty sure that if you want to race as a level class, the class needs to apply for/request a level rating. Did anyone in the J/T 35 class apply for or request this?