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In Topic: House Republicans Side With ISIS, Refuse To Back President

Yesterday, 02:14 AM

I think that we should toss the latest edition non nuclear test pamphlet onto the grill while watching our kids grow up safe and sound, while we resolve a 2000 year old fuckfest/rockfight and wreck some shit/ I mean renew testing.

In Topic: Odile it up- EPAC Tropical Wx

15 September 2014 - 11:43 PM

That's what I mean...they have a perspective on life that is just remarkable, undefeatable. Your Dad has a wonderful view, looking south to vizcaiano, the whole thing....and a good watering hole just to the north at Santo Domingo. I'm sure he is smiling even now...because he knows what happens to the desert when it rains like this....simply stunning...we are usually on the inside, San Felipe to LA bay...Baja is THE most remarkable place I've ever been, see the sunrise to the east over the gulf and later that same day I've seen it go down on the outside, the amount of different types of plants and animals are amazing...and painful when you get off into a huge cholla cactus..try getting one ( the whole thing) chopped off at the base and sent through the front of the class ten race car you are riding in....OUCH!  When I know the plants can fight back it is really ....scary...haha....much respect to all here and lets hope that they all make it out with a good story to tell and all safe and sound.

In Topic: Odile it up- EPAC Tropical Wx

15 September 2014 - 10:16 PM

No worries Booze,  I spent many years going up and down Baja on various different boats, and got to know the peninsula from the water, now I do most of my journeys south as a member of the Honda race team, and I get to see the place from a different perspective, we do what we can to support the locals and our team is legendary in that respect,  as always my thoughts are with the wonderful folks that I have met down there over the last 30 years or so (hang in there Coco!)..when I die.....that's where you will find me. Lets all hope that its just a little tope in the road, and they all get some relief  asap.... Peace!

In Topic: Odile it up- EPAC Tropical Wx

15 September 2014 - 01:42 AM

The big rain is gonna make it kinda fun for us in a few months...Baja 1000, when we get the big rain, it fills in the 4 foot high whoops and changes the course up....love it...oh and its just a hurricane....no big deal...they have been doing this for a looong time down there with much less than we ever have here.. and they (locals) will be just fine, in fact I'd be more worried about the 'well informed' American......wait until late next week....desert southwest are you listening?

In Topic: Why are we so easily manipulated? Going to war again....

11 September 2014 - 09:06 PM

I have recently seen a video that shows the maniacs with the black flags herding up hundreds of young men, women and little kids,into trucks, big ones, they are all then shown pleading for their lives, all the while there is an isis flag waving, they are shown being unloaded, they then are all shot, one by one...hundreds.
It was pretty much the scariest thing I have seen, ever. We need to crush this shit, like wipe them out, entirely, 100%.
I will not link the vid, find it yourself.
But beware. It will haunt you.
nazis...the only comparison I can think of....wipe them out.