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In Topic: EPA Out of Control: Wants to ban Race Cars

11 February 2016 - 12:34 AM

I have one of the last great big mutherfucking diesel engines made...7.3l turbo, its in an E350 van 18 mpg on highway. 100k miles, not even broken in yet.

I just had to renew the reg and lo and behold...the state wants a smog check....so in addition to the 280$ i owe for the reg, i get to roll coal down to the local, foreign owned 76 station and get it done....

Turns out the 'test' is nothing more than me handing the guy the barcode on the reg sheet, him plugging in a OBD reader to look for the obligitory "check engine light" code.

Watched him pass the van in every detail manualy with the mouse clicker, no emissions test, no snap test, no shit.

100$ more.

I will drive the diesel until It or I die.

Fuck all of the hybrid/green shit, ever see a battery recycling plant? 

And don't let me catch any of you fags in the fast lane.....nerf-age!

In Topic: So Cal WX for this weekend....

07 February 2016 - 04:32 PM

The long range models show nothing in socal until the first week of march, until then this ridge will not move much at all.

Its going to be close to 90f here on mon/tues.

In Topic: Wondering about the Schock 40

27 January 2016 - 03:29 PM

We had a blast on the late great Mr. Campbell's boat, "Cincos", the thing was a little rough, I had problems with the mainsheet sawing itself in half at the deck turning block, at KWRW, also the steering/ cables got a re-work, but once we got it worked out it was pretty fast for a 40, loved the flat water out here.

Had a few great races with the other new ones, one SB-KH we did was breeze on, busted the vang off, one of the others broke as well, steering I think.  We finished around 6-7pm if I remember right, still light out.

In Topic: YASQ (*) - testing in-mast electrical?

13 January 2016 - 12:38 AM

I would just replace them all and be done with it. Use the old ones to pull the new ones and a spare tagline through.

"30 years old" is all I need to hear.

In Topic: All things El Nino 2016- It's about time

07 January 2016 - 03:02 PM

The only thing even remotely dangerous about el nino is that high grade putz Dall-ASS Rains gets more airtime to make the dumbed down masses think he knows what the hell he's talking about...

Actually saw this idiot say so cal needs a break from the rain......what?

Our next Governor no doubt...

Oh and someone get that poor old lady away from the glass.....