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In Topic: Should I start dinghy racing on the side?

22 July 2014 - 05:52 PM

I started sailing even later than you, when I was 30.  After a few years, I bought a 30ft keel boat to race.  I had some great mentors that tried to teach me everything I needed to know, but I still was in the back of the fleet.  


A friend invited me to race on a two man dinghy, and I loved it. So much so,  I went a bought one the next month.  I just lied.  I really didn't love racing the dinghy, and I still don't.  What I really love about it is that i allows me to sharpen the skills I am missing since I didn't start sailing while young.  


It also makes sailing easier, which translates to more stick time.  I need only one other person to go race with, instead of 5.  At our lake, we are lucky that the dinghy's and the big boats race on opposite days, so I race more...more practice...more stick time...more time to catch up to those that started racing earlier.  


When racing the dinghy, I concentrate on the 3 controls that I have instead of the 15 on the big boat.   I learn about the tactics and the strategy instead of concentrating on the crew of 4.   These are the skills that make you a better sailor. 


I would never give up the big boat sailing, I like the team aspect.  I like sharing the experience with friends that don't sail, on the dinghy it is too hard to bring an inexperienced sailor to a race.  So the answer to your question is YES.  Get on a dinghy and learn to race, the skills and confidence you will carry back to the big boat will be immeasurable.

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04 June 2014 - 06:57 PM


How come you didn't tell anyone about this thread earlier? You butthole!  



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28 April 2014 - 03:52 PM

Class Genoa is a 155%.