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11 February 2008 - 05:25 AM

I'm about to put our boat on the hard to start an extensive refit.  One of the priority items is to modify our existing sail plan.  Dudley Dix drew a new and improved plan for our Roberts 65.  The existing boom is 17' long and Dudley is recommending we go with a 22' boom.  That will increase our main to near 800 sq ft.  That's a lot of sail to reef with a Dutchman or slab system so I'm looking at in boom furling.  Do any of your folks have in boom furling?  Care to comment on which brands shine and which don't?  I'd appreciate it.

We're also going to add roller furling to the jib.  I'm looking at Harkin, ProFurl and Schaffer.  Any comments on that subject?

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