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In Topic: AYC Spring Series 2016

27 April 2016 - 10:31 PM

Free college and sails for everyone !

Are you paraphrasing Bernie the jobs destroyer who heartlessly laid off hundreds of staffers today just to save a few bucks and focus his campaign on more productive markets?

In Topic: What happened with comanche?

21 April 2016 - 11:10 PM

Not sure I would call The Daily Mail "real press", more a glorified gossip rag...


Why would you denigrate any publication that would cite SA as a source?

In Topic: How much does a sailmaker make on sails

21 April 2016 - 05:41 AM

Negative on that.  Just a conversation my crew had on the way home from Charleston.  I am just the opposite of what you infer,  I love my sailmaker, never beat him up on price and try like hell to shop local.  That's not to say I am not a "Cunt".  I very well maybe.  Thanks for the reply.

Aren't we all.

No idea why you care then. If the sails and service are worth what you are paying then it doesn't matter. Unless you are so happy you want to pay more!

Amazing the willingness of some to dwell in ignorance when with just a few questions they can bask in the glow of knowledge. Why wouldn't you want to know the economics of those with whom you do business? It may or may not impact any purchasing decision but it sure helps to understand a counter party's motivation.

In Topic: Club Swan 50

07 April 2016 - 06:47 PM


Do you know that there are no electonics or sails in the base price? If they are included then surely that reduces yrou cost to get to the first start line?


the boat is not going to come with race sails. I doubt there will be OD electronics so the owner will spec and pay for (at a large mark up) whatever they want swan to install. some electronics will be installed after commissioning


anyway, at swan, basically nothing is included in the "base price" of any of their boats - not delivery sails.., not anything. they don't build any boats without an order. so pretty much everything, even things like jib sheets, are chosen by the buyer and get billed


but, i think what we are trying to say is that that amount of money is not make or break for people thinking of racing one of these boats - so it's not really going to make a difference


Exactly.  By asking "what does it cost?" all we are really saying is "we can't afford one."  I can live with that.

In Topic: money wins!

11 February 2016 - 02:43 PM


Reminds me of when my kids took up horseback riding. Every so often they would have a meet or rodeo or whatever the fuck they call it when they ride around a circle and jump over some sticks and pieces of wood. Our poor kids would share the tired and pissed off rental horse (think his name was Chestnut) that had already done this 3-4 times in the morning session with some fat kids on his back. In the afternoon as soon as you dropped the reins, Chessie would head for the barn. Fuck jumping over sticks in the hot afternoon sun! Of course we would compete against some kid with a hot MILF with a bow in her hair who brought their kids own fresh as a daisy horse in an a/c trailer with a H3 or Range Rover with matching paint job pulling it. That's a sport that can make a new headsail look cheap. Never had a chance to win but still fun to come close occasionally and worthwhile in the end. Sounds familiar.

Edith, that brought back some really interesting memories. My daughters loved riding so we dug deep and did it understanding that they we're learning some important lessons but also knowing it was a very short term pursuit because my check book was never going to let them excel as equestrians. The interesting thing is now, 15 years later, all they remember is the fun they had learning to ride and dressing up for the events. I never hear that riding a rent-a-horse was a disappointment.