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In Topic: Hack Yellowbrick tracker

12 August 2014 - 09:59 PM

. Besides technically the data is public since it's on the tracker.


I hope that you are not a lawyer and that no lawyer told you this.........

In Topic: Annual Around Long Island Race Offical Thread

04 August 2014 - 03:03 PM

great trip down the river, got to Hell Gate a little early but what the hell, had great current all the way to the start line passed Josh and Miles in the East River on the Mini --god love them --dicked around for a few hours, had some Duffy sandwiches, very tasty, thanks Duff, then got off the line in a good position, clear air, broad reaching, wondering whether we could carry the Bee but powered up with the 3di jib on the outboard lead. Wind was steady 14 to 20, big waves that got bigger and lots of waterline boats were keeping right up with us, Alex on Milky Way, Prevail, an Oceanis 48, two big Baltics....TR was sticking around but we were a bit ahead of him and knew once night fell the world would change. Dacapo meatball and eggplant parm filled our bellies for the work in the dark and we stayed powered up, surfing in the swell, picking off boats in front of us for a few hours. Boat was flying and fun to drive...wind cycled down a bit and we knew 2 a.m. or so things were going to shut down drastically so we wanted to max out what we had. Discussion back and forth....waves flattening....now, later, wait a half hour....JT sticks his head up, concurs, Bee up. Only kite we saw up for awhile and worked our way up then to the front of the fleet, only guys in front of us the Oakcliff 40's, Leverage, Ragana, Gunboat, Navy Farr and 122. Someone will have to remind me about a couple of peels and sail changes but we kept working hard.  Kept the beach close, never really went out more than two, three miles, and we saw things getting shifty up to the Point, falling down to a course to the Canary Islands or jibe to the beach....didn't want to let some guy 5 miles out do an end-around but didn't see any significant breeze out there and I felt it better to cover TR and get in a little closer-could always heat up and go back to the Canaries..wind forward at this point, get around and hoist Blue, our light air runner for a pole forward , powered up reach to the Gut. Had some issues with the gas valve that were dealt with, bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with siraucha sauce got us all feeling good about the day's work. Flew to the Gut, VMG 9 plus,  TR visible behind us with his giant black kite, but not moving on us  as we pushed Blue.  Max, the Pogo, with a monster kite ate up distance and we moved down a bit rather than get pushed to the point of kite collapse and waved him on through, and he couldn't make it, boat out of control a bit, so we headed back up and he went down below us, then started coming up, JT at the nav station ducked to the other side of the boat bracing for impact on the starboard side but we got sorted out and flew though the Gut. Blue down, 145 back up as we were on a powered-up reach again, wind steady 14 to 18 for hours, the 3Di like Thor's hammer, strong strong . TR got through and hardened up and went for the beach, we were headed for mark a little south of Stratford,but kept working up into the 260's when we could to stay in touch with him--didn't want to see another miracle finish of us out 5 miles and him walking along the beach to victory.  Willie P drove a good three hours on the run from the Gut to the Light and boat was right on the edge. Not getting much out of the main, boat over-powered but flying....J120 who we had passed in the night finally runs us down, work up so he doesn't roll us, takes him about a half hour to get by, then we keep going. Will and I discuss changing to the three, JT sticks his head up and says, keep her powered and  rolling boys, the leaders are all right in front of us and we could win this whole damn thing. End of discussion. Push push to Stratford and then, as we know, wind gets lighter, Bee up. We see TR who is now about 2 .25 miles behind us still coming on with his jib as the vespers disappear and we stare at zeroes across the board and a limp kite that appears full but is giving no drive to the boat. We sail current not breeze, still moving in the right direction slowly slowly. TR closer , closer, Get the jib up, something solid for this tiny breeze to attach to, its what he is doing, cocksucker, so get the boat moving again, fighting for every tiny inch of distance as he continues to come on, then breeze back, Bee back up, two idiots on the Pogo and the 120 are right there...and JT will have to give you his epic blow by blow of the battle of the 4 boats in the last five miles...

JT was brilliant driving the last few miles and eking every tiny percentage of a knot of boat speed out of SS as we put ourselves in the  best current situation possible, avoiding the eddy along the beach. TR was able to sail up a tiny bit higher than us, and that probably killed him as he went a bit further in, thinking he would have a better powered up angle coming to Matinecock and we nudged just out, 100 yards making all the difference in the world, he and the Pogo and J  park and we move around the Point into our own special breeze that takes us to the gun. 
I started sailing this stupid race in 1997, a crew member on Black Sheep, the NY 36. The bug for distance racing bit me hard right then. I remember that first night, Paul O and me on the rail, looking at the beach on Fire Island, boat flying along with a jury-rigged spinnaker pole and a big kite up.  Crew in a coma later on and me taking us up to Montauk, alone on deck with a sleeping bag wrapped around me and a shark doing circles around the boat. Two on that boat then we did it with my 285 for a few years and had our first taste of the podium. Took it to the next level with this iteration of Shooting Star. We have won our division, second in fleet couple times and last year, we could have won the whole thing....but not really-if we had won last year, it was because Honahlee had been protested and knocked off the podium.  This year we won the whole damn thing the right way. We sailed harder and faster and better than every other boat out there. Thank you to my extended Shooting Star crew for helping me make that happen.  

Nice write up.  Thanks!

In Topic: Video 1983 SORC

30 July 2014 - 10:59 PM

So being as how I was 13 then, can someone briefly explain how it all fell apart?


Not trying to be political but maybe there is a relationship with this: http://www.washingto...1984/?tid=sm_fb


Washington Post: The middle class is 20 percent poorer than it was in 1984
<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/respres/" target="_blank">Jeff Turner</a>/Flickr

Nostalgia is just about the only thing the middle class can still afford. That's because median wealth is about 20 percent lower today, in inflation-adjusted dollars, than it was in 1984.

Yes, that's three lost decades.

Now, as you might expect, the middle class has been hit particularly hard by the Great Recession and the not-so-great recovery. It's all about stocks and houses. The middle class doesn't have much of the former, but it does have a lot of the latter. And that's bad news, because, even though the crash decimated both, real estate hasn't come back nearly as much as equities have. So the top 1 percent, who hold more of their wealth in stocks, have made up more of the ground they lost. But, as the Russell Sage Foundation points out, the slow housing recovery means that, in 2013, median households were still 36 percent poorer than they were a decade earlier.

In fact, the housing bust was big enough to erase all the gains the middle class had made the past 30 years—and then some. As you can see below, median households didn't add much wealth between 1984 and 2007. That's what happens when real wages don't increase, and the cost of a middle class lifestyle—housing, healthcare, and higher education—does. So, as Dean Baker points out, when the crisis did come, it devoured these meager gains and left the middle class with 20 percent less wealth than they had when it was "Morning in America."

Source: <a href="http://web.stanford....alth-levels.pdf" target="_blank">Russel Sage Foundation</a>

But there's a big caveat here. Households don't necessarily stay in the same percentile from one year to the next, let alone for 30 straight. There's a life-cycle to it all. People start off with little, or negative, wealth when they take out loans to go to school or buy a house. Then they gradually build it up as they get bigger paychecks and pay back what they owe.


In other words, just because median households are poorer now than they were in 1984 doesn't mean that middle class families from back then have lost money since. It means that people at the middle now have lower net worths than people at the middle did then. Though, to put that in depressing perspective, it's still a heckuva lot better than households in the bottom 25 percent, whose wealth never grew during the good times, and then plunged 60 percent during the bad ones. That's because, for both the middle and working classes, real wages have been stagnant the past 30 years, and housing equity has taken a nosedive.


At this rate, it won't be long until the American Dream isn't even a memory for the middle class.

Matt O'Brien is a reporter for Wonkblog covering economic affairs. He was previously a senior associate editor at The Atlantic.

In Topic: Annual Around Long Island Race Offical Thread

29 July 2014 - 09:07 PM

Somtiimes when I reade LH poestes I pitiure Gore-Don frome Framiley commerssialles;



alle wayes macke me smile!     :)

I think the cure for what ails him is to unleash his inner real Robert not the pretend Robert of a stylized commercial poseur.



In Topic: Annual Around Long Island Race Offical Thread

29 July 2014 - 04:09 PM

That ones been hashed to death about 20 times. A good sock puppet would know that.


A good sock puppet would not try to be aware of too many things but would know what she knows, if you know what I mean,  A good sock puppet would above all be able to get the name right.