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In Topic: New C & C Redline 41, a total flop?

14 October 2016 - 04:50 PM


That's the first C&C I can ever recall not being intuitively identifiable as a C&C.


Even though they changed so much over the years you could always tell - sort of like a Benz.


Good point.   They did try to make the interior look like more recent C&C's.  The drawings have a split window combined with the opening ports which make it look like a C&C...kinda!   Nobody tried to hide the origin of the boat.   I like the boat and the design.  I think the price is a great deal for someone who wants to race and cruise but does not want to pay for that sail inventory new.  The downside is that IRC has moved forward and this boat is older an older design.   If the new owners want to be more competitive Mark Mills does offer consultations!


I cannot imagine the cost of that boat new.   I looked at what was included and guessed at how much the boat has been used.  It is a good deal IF the new owner wants to race and get their game up.  For a person who wanted something better than a Bene First 40 this would work.


If I owned the C&C brand I am not sure what to do with it.  The Brand was all about Racer/Cruisers and the demand for non-one design RC's is about zilch.   Maybe powerboat cruisers for sailors such as MJM  has done.  Combine one design sailboats with powerboat cruisers?


I don't like the idea either!   Last gasp for a dying brand.



----- Congratulations to your friend...BSP



Before we all get too misty-eyed over the C&C brand,remember it failed twice over the last 20(?) years.


This is probably its last chance at survival so you can't criticize the current brand owners for taking a different tack.

In Topic: Stamford-Denmark Friendship Race

12 September 2016 - 07:07 PM





My hand-held wind machine said 18-19 sustained before the start. 


It was awesome to sail about postponed for an hour an a half 1:05 (my mistake) waiting for the start of a 90 minute starting sequence.  I think a lot of boats dropped out because of boredom.


It's a race for hacks, why would you guys do it?



Must be for the 


In Topic: Murphy Magic

16 August 2016 - 08:27 PM


Annalise Murphy, Silver Medal, Laser Radial, Rio 2016.
First Irish sailing medal in 30 years.

US 0



Why didn't you sail?  We would have won Gold in multiple classes.

In Topic: Chicago Mac Race

14 July 2016 - 10:41 PM

The big question is, how much would people pay for this service?   "Bag to Mac Island"

I've thought about it, too...


For the Bermuda Race, a shipping company ships 4 20' containers full of bags, delivery sails, equipment and other gear.  I can't remember the pricing but it wasn't cheap (maybe about $100 for a suitcase).  The shipper's contact information is here: http://bermudarace.c...port-logistics/


My impression is that he fills all his space and makes a decent amount of money for his efforts.