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In Topic: 33rd Cup - Race 1

08 February 2010 - 09:33 AM

A-Cup live feed is taking a break...
but no commercials.
This is the strangest cup ever.

In Topic: 33rd Cup - Race 1

08 February 2010 - 09:15 AM

There is a line of wind.
Clean you are my hero.

In Topic: GGYC - CIC MOL Reply to SNG & Statement

28 January 2010 - 07:07 PM

So EB will take his boat back to his pond if he can't use his sails?
From Alinghi's Site:


28.01.2010 (17:17 CET) - Geneva, Switzerland - Société Nautique de Genève

   <h2 class="title_news">For the Record: Fred Meyer</h2>   <h3 class="subtitle_news">Société Nautique de Genève vice-commodore, Fred Meyer, comments on GGYC's latest tirade:</h3>               "The  latest flurry of legal documents and public statements from Larry  Ellison's Golden Gate Yacht Club further demonstrates his overriding  ambition of winning the America's Cup without racing for it on the  water. Not only is BMW Oracle pursuing its ninth attempt to disqualify  the Swiss Defender through a New York court with a skewed  interpretation of the Deed of Gift, but they have also intensified  their legal campaign on another front.

  BMW Oracle is determined to angle the America's Cup competition in  its favour, this time through a four-point redress to the International  America's Cup Jury on rules set out in the Notice of Race and the  Sailing Instructions issued by SNG for the 33rd America's Cup. The  challenger has still not comprehended that what it has forced is a  "Deed of Gift Match". There is no Mutual Consent – even the New York  Supreme Court has told them that the rules are those of the defending  yacht club, a fact stated very clearly in the Deed of Gift itself.

  To address Tom Ehman's attacks on the legality of Alinghi's sails:  history and facts support SNG's interpretation of the Deed of Gift's 'constructed in country' requirements as recently declared by American historian, John Rousmaniere: "Unlike  hulls, sails were not regarded as subject to nationality restrictions –  not by sailors, not by sailmakers, and not by the donors and the  trustee New York Yacht Club."

  We have been clear: if BMW Oracle succeeds in disqualifying the  Defender's sails then there will be no Match, Russell Coutts will have  won the America's Cup for Larry Ellison without sailing. An irony unto  itself given Russell's use of 3DL sails on every AC team he has raced  with since 1995; New Zealand, Switzerland and now the USA.

  As further example of their double standards, BMW Oracle are  attempting to circumvent the 'Trash Disposal and Environmental  Protection' rule in the Sailing Instructions to continue to freely  pollute the waters of Valencia by discharging a cocktail of chemicals  under their hulls to make their boat go faster. SNG insists that both  competitors respect Spanish waters as they do their home waters.

  And while we are setting the record straight, their claim of a  'Singapore Agreement' is pure fabrication. The signatures that Tom  Ehman has been flaunting were on an early draft that was discarded and  subsequently developed on before BMW Oracle aborted the meeting by  suing our club for a ninth time.

  SNG remains determined that the winner of the America's Cup will be  decided on the race course and not ashore. We will see you on the start  line on the 8 February."