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In Topic: International C Class Catamaran Championship Falmouth 2013

03 August 2013 - 02:22 AM

Magnus...it's not a Hobie 16...get those legs together...you too Fred
Oh and the new boat is really sweet
Good luck in England

In Topic: Evelyn 32-2 Roundup

04 July 2013 - 05:12 PM

Bluto is owned by Ben hall from hall spars...... He put a 5ft taller carbon fiber mast. He increased the main and spin hoist 5ft, but left the genoa hoist original. The boom looks like it could be carbon fiber, but not sure.

Here are the facts:
Bill Berges bought boat in June 2007
Boom lengthened
I became partner with Bill in Sept 2007
Carbon spin pole
A few new sails
New deck hardware
Replaced a bunch of wet balsa core
New taller mast (3 ft  not 5 ft)
Carbon boom
Composite rigging
P increased 3 ft
ISP increased 3 ft
Genoa hoist not increased from standard
LP went from 155 down to 145
New main
New AP 145 genoa
Modified kites to new ISP
No changes
New 1/2 oz chute
New #2
Major mods (check out Sailing World article)
New open transom
New cassette outboard rudder
New lifting keel
Will now be able to go in shallow water lift in Florida (3ft)
Several PHRF committee members checked all mods during project...no hiding here

Did not get a chance to line up with XLR8 or Scorpion at Block as we were in different classes
Have not checked elapsed times (we were on same race course) but my gut says they may have crushed us on corrected
Both of those boats had really nice sails and were prepped and sailed really well.
We won our class in a tight battle with a very well sailed Express 37. The difference was a bad chute drop in race 2 when they went from 1st to 6th....just the difference in the final points. We tied in the last race and several races we decided by a few seconds.
They owed only 12 seconds in most of the short W/L races which amounted to about a boat length...so almost match racing...good fun
We plan to bring the boat South for the winter. Maybe Key West and some local racing
It was a VERY ambitious winter project and thankfully we nailed the keel position. The crew thanks us profusely for a more workable cockpit. The outboard rudder steering is not as nice as the standard rudder....kinda drives like a truck ( similar to a J 29)....still minor slop in pintles and cassette which accentuates movement in light air slop. Also boat does not turn as fast and helm really loads up in weather mark bear off and reaching....nothing I did not expect, but different.
We love the boat and have to give Bob E a ton of credit for designing (31 years ago) a boat that is is easy to sail and still a great all around boat....we always sail with 2-3 women in the crew and a bunch of old guys....this boat is easy on the crew because the lods are very low.
Not sure what are next mod will be....depends on how bored we get next fall....hmmm....bowsprit ?square top main? Hydrofoils? No just kidding
Ben and Bill
Bluto USA 53194

In Topic: The Death Zone

13 May 2013 - 05:26 PM

I may stand corrected on this but I think the term"zone of death" was first coined by ice boaters. The acceleration of a DN or Skeeter is unbelievable rounding the weather mark. On a DN you can accelerate from an upwind speed of 30-35 mph to over 60mph downwind in a matter of seconds.
Getting through the zone can virtually suck you out of the boat with the G forces of that turn.
Getting through the zone on any multihull in breezy conditions can be a tough maneuver. The acceleration on my ACat is not as dramatic as a DN but every bit as tense.