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Pete Seeger built a ship, eh?

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Pete Seeger sat in front of the TV cameras......

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....and called the House Un-American Activities Commitee fascists when most Americans were quaking in their boots.


RIP, American Hero. 


Arlo Guthrie on Pete Seeger: 'I simply wanted him to know that I loved him dearly'

Published: 8:38 AM - 01/28/14
Last updated: 8:41 AM - 01/28/14

Arlo Guthrie, folk singer and son of the late Woody Guthrie (and longtime friend of Pete Seeger), posted a note about Seeger to his Facebook this morning.

Seeger died Monday at age 94. Here's Guthrie's note:

"I usually do a little meditation and prayer every night before I go to sleep - Just part of the routine. Last night, I decided to go visit Pete Seeger for a while, just to spend a little time together, it was around 9 PM. So I was sitting in my home in Florida, having a lovely chat with Pete, who was in a hospital in New York City. That's the great thing about thoughts and prayers- You can go or be anywhere.

"I simply wanted him to know that I loved him dearly, like a father in some ways, a mentor in others and just as a dear friend a lot of the time. I'd grown up that way - loving the Seegers - Pete & Toshi and all their family.

"I let him know I was having trouble writing his obituary (as I'd been asked) but it seemed just so silly and I couldn't think of anything that didn't sound trite or plain stupid. 'They'll say something appropriate in the news,' we agreed. We laughed, we talked, and I took my leave about 9:30 last night.

"'Arlo' he said, sounding just like the man I've known all of my life, 'I guess I'll see ya later.' I've always loved the rising and falling inflections in his voice. 'Pete,' I said. 'I guess we will.'

"I turned off the light and closed my eyes and fell asleep until very early this morning, about 3 AM when the texts and phone calls started coming in from friends telling me Pete had passed away.

"'Well, of course he passed away!' I'm telling everyone this morning. 'But that doesn't mean he's gone.'"