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Old Bourban/Whiskey (decanters)

13 December 2016 - 01:05 AM

Somehow I inherited a few unopened 197ish Jim Beam decanters when my folks moved. When it came time for me to move and drastically downsize I did some research, thinking I was sitting on a small fortune. Found out they held very little value. Most info was to just open them up and have at it as it's decent bourbon but no real value. So we did. About what you'd expect from Jim Beam, OK but nothing special.


This is the last one, just opened it tonight:



Boy did I phuck up today, $$$

07 December 2016 - 12:14 AM

We are building a house, little place to retire in.


I really like terrazzo so ordered a custom shower base, just like our last house. It's big, heavy and very expensive.


All the framing is in place so it had to go in on edge then laid flat on some stringers up high enough to spread the bedding mud underneath. Then we used two come-a-longs to lower it down onto the bedding. I could only find one of my come-a-longs so borrowed one from a neighbor. Just shy of getting all the way down the borrowed one, my wife wanted to help and run it, let loose and free wheeled, one end of the base hit the floor hard. Cracked right down the middle including the drain. Not repairable.




$1,500 and two weeks from now and the second one will be here.