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quick windows 10 question

03 April 2017 - 12:03 PM

When new, you need to enter a password everytime you start the machine, don't want that.


I found the tutorial on how to disable that feature and made the change.


Now when the machine starts from initial boot up I do not need to enter a password. But after putting it in sleep I have to enter a password when it starts. That is annoying.


How do I get rid of the password all the time?


C/O + no mortgage = one very happy bmiller

26 March 2017 - 12:40 PM

Almost exactly one year ago we started the build process. As of two days ago we have a certificate of occupancy and no mortgage! Happy happy joy joy!!!


It all started about 5 years ago. We had no intention of ever moving again, let alone build a new house. But I heard from a neighbor/friend that a prime piece of land (3 acres) directly across the street might be available. So I contacted the owner, we negotiated and I got it. The land came with 4 paid water taps which are worth close to 7K each.


I was close to retiring at the time and did not want to go from 2 acres to 3 acres so we cut the lot in half and sold it to a neighbor for most of what we paid for the full lot. It took 3 years to get our old place sold, had to cut it in half also but we got it done.


After selling the old place we moved into an RV for last summer, then found a rental in town down the street from the building site. Then finally moved in yesterday.


So in one year we did a subdivision, sold 2 properties, moved 3 times and wound up across the street from where we used to live. It was crazy hectic hard work but well worth it.


Next up, build the shop on the back of the lot!