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25 June 2014 - 10:11 PM

RaceQs is a free tracking and performance App available for iPhone/Andoid that records your race track using the built-in GPS of the phone and then allows you to upload the result to their servers for post race replay. If others in the race also use RaceQs, you can replay the entire fleet. Great for post race review and/or training if you put it up on a big screen in the bar.




There's also a (currently free) Beta program which allows you to synchronize footage from an action camera with your GPS track in your raceQs 3D animated replay.


However, ther's no user forum on the website and their FB page doesn't allow comments so I thought I'd post the issues here to illustrate why they need a forum.


1. Editing
When editing a track you can zoom in to view the track detail but as soon as you start to move the track slider the map zooms back out again. It would be much easier to be able to edit the track while still zoomed in.
2. Deleting Segments
I now see after studying the video that there’s a Trashcan icon to delete a segment. This isn’t mentioned in the video or the FAQ. Thus I highlighted a segment in the player, clicked on Edit>Delete and deleted the whole track – which wasn’t what I wanted to.
The message was “Are you sure?” – it should be “This will delete the entire track – are you sure?”
There should be an Undo Delete button.
3. Recovering tracks
There’s no way to restore the last track. It would be helpful if you could re-upload the last track from the phone and only have this deleted when a new track is recorded.
4. Adding boat models & Skins
3D sailing game, Virtual Skipper (VSK) allows new 3D models to be added and apart from making the replays more realistic, it relieves the developers of the requirement to create more models.
RaceQs would need to develop a facility to import models into the RaceQ player but that is much easier than developing the models!
In VSK, 3D models are created using Open Source modelling tools and applied as shown in the documentation here
Skins can also be applied to the boats to make them reflect the owners boat, again using open source tools.
NB It also should be noted that VSK has a Forum and documentation is developed on a collaborative Wiki.