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Padded neoprene dinghy shorts

01 August 2016 - 10:36 PM

Or "How big does my butt look in this?"


I'm looking for some padded hiking shorts for use on my Weta, worn over a 3mm wetsuit when the wind's up and on their own in warm weather/light winds.

I don't want the type with pad inserts since there's no gunwale or rail to dig in to the back of your legs (I''ve put padding under the edge of the tramp already). But I do need something to help cushion the seat when sitting on the ama/float going upwind.  



- Padded reinforced seat

-  Waist tie/belt so they don't slide off as you slide over the edge of the tramp.


The Zhik Deakbeater shorts would seem to fit the spec - but are there any others I should look at?


Chris Kitchen of Weta Marine illustrates the issue