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In Topic: Crane topples at Collins Bay Lift out.

16 October 2011 - 02:02 PM

This is also my Club / Marina. To clear the air, the Marina Staff Crane Operators and Crane are top notch. There was no mechanical failure of any component on the crane. As a regular user of the crane sometimes 4-6 times a year as an Olson 30 sailor, I can offer that Collins Bay Marina offers one of the most professional haul and launch operations I have ever used. All of the staff are well trained extremely safety conscious and have never had an accident like this in the past. The fact that there were no injuries speaks volumes as to the steps the staff take to ensure that all lifts are conducted safely. This accident was caused by operator error alone and would be no different than an employee of a corporation being in a motor vehicle accident due to an improper turn. The photos and the graphic nature of the images sell newspapers and are an unusual sight, but fairly insignificant.

It is unfortunate that 3 boats were damaged and a significant expense will be incurred by the Marina to repair the crane and clean up the mess. Just the same, it was just an accident, much like an automobile or truck crash on a highway and is being sensationalized in the press.

On a positive note, my sailing season has been extended by a week or 2 due to lack of crane availability. Frostbiting any one?