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In Topic: Express 37 q's

13 July 2016 - 05:44 PM

Oohhhhhhh no, you guys are going to be bosom buddies, what with your fancy race boats masquerading as performance cruisers and all.

Mentally masturbating over your handicap ratings, which sailing gloves are best, and the proper ratio of rum to ginger beer in a dark 'n stormy, etc.


I can totally see it. ;)


If you see my boat today you will notice the outboard and grill on the rail, sun shower strapped to the deck, dingy, 2 paddle boards, kayak crap, full size dodger and heavy duty anchor set up weighing down the pointy end.  I am not sure what the calculated handicap for all the stuff is. My dock has a contingent of serious J105 racers and they look at me with a bit of disgust.

In Topic: Express 37 q's

13 July 2016 - 03:18 AM

Congratulations Alex!  Are you staying in the same marina?  If so we may end up on the same dock again.  I will understand if you pretend you do not know me, it works for my wife.

In Topic: Wireless communication on board - do you want it?

10 July 2016 - 04:15 PM

There several products on the market, we have this one, hands free full duplex with noise reduction that works well.  We do not need them while sailing but for anchoring or docking in a new marina they are great.  It is impossible to hear over the motor between the wheel and foredeck with the motor running so we used to use hand signals, but these allow much better 2 way communicaiton and you can use both hands to raise the anchor.

Sena SPH10, I have no conection to the company or any retailer,


In Topic: Express 37 q's

05 July 2016 - 04:41 PM

I have the Mantus roller which is good since both the front and back rubber rollers adjust to help with anchor fit.  I looked at a Mantus anchor, but I think it is too wide to clear the bowsprit.

In Topic: Express 37 q's

05 July 2016 - 03:46 PM

You cruise enough that not having a good anchor set up and storing the rode in the head seems to be a problem.  I just re-did my bow roller using the factory mounting holes and a new mounting plate made by a good metal shop in N Seattle.  The 1/4 stainless plate and Mantus roller will not be good for racing, but it comes off in a few mins with 4 beefy bolts.  My old boat had a hawse pipe leading to storage for chain and rode in the same location of as the 37 which worked ok, again you could pull the chain for racing.  The new boat is on O dock if you want to stop by and take a look.  


On a semi related note I just picked up an aluminum fortress anchor with storage bag from CL as my back up for 1/3 cost of new, there are few others still listed.