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In Topic: Bad Deck Layouts - Bad Hardware Placement

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

Sadly there are some respected companies that build boats with similar problems.  Durring our last boat search we looked at a very nice used Sabre and more than one Tartan with cabin top travelers and mainsheet controls, and primary jib winches, all out of reach of the helm.  On a 50 foot boat with an expectation of 3 or 4 crew that is fine, but these were sub 40 foot boats.  I understand this is a response to marketing pressure to put wheels on smaller boats and keep the traveler out of the cockpit, but a 35 boat should be able to double hand comfortably and be sailed by one if needed.


Oddly one of the better cockpits we saw on a modern boat was a 40 foot Jeanneau. It had a real traveler and all primary lines were led to the aft strearing stations.  The set up was complex with twin wheels and the need to lock out multiple lines since the single winch on each side was needed for both main and jib sheets, but it was all reachable and well layed out.  It would be a bad for racing or even performance cruising, but the boat was set up for more relaxed cruising and family sailing and for that it was fine.  The cockpit was huge but there was some thought given to handholds and foot bracing.


On the other hand the the interor was a real hazard. It had almost no handholds and was full of sharp corners, wide open spaces, and the sole was a skating rink of shiny laminate.  Looked good at the boat show though.

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16 December 2016 - 08:29 PM

Although home territory may be Port Ludlow, their range must include Point Hudson where they were photographed.  I assume they were drawn to that location because of a primal need for mystic crystal shops and tie-dye t shirts.  They must have traveled through the Port Townsend canal, perhaps an ancient primate migration route.

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12 December 2016 - 05:21 AM





Our first boat in the family was my dad'sT-Bird.  His had a small pate in the cockpit that that said made in japan.  I assume that tidal grid was at Shilshole, the same place my dad would scrape the bottom and try to get it painted before the water came in back when nobody cared about all the crap and old paint you scraped into the sound.  Thanks for sharing that photo.

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11 December 2016 - 10:50 PM

My old boat when it was my dad's, complete with 1970's reacher.  That's me in the yellow PFD,

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The same boat when I owned it with my wife and I out on a winter day,

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The new boat, a brokerage photo since I do not have an image of it under sail since we purchased it,

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10 December 2016 - 05:32 AM

Next Jan or THIS Jan (i.e.: 22 days from now).