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Next Jan or THIS Jan (i.e.: 22 days from now).

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Crash, I agree with everything you wrote there.  I wouldn't be surprised if the ferry crew generally assume, based on experience, that the other boats will take extraordinary measures to avoid them, well beyond the normal rules of the road.  Let's face it, it would be pretty difficult for the ferries to keep on schedule (more or less) if they had to give way to every boat that could potentially assert its stand-on status.  The vast majority of us little guys do our best to give the ferries plenty of room, and this probably gives the ferries a false sense of having a special status.


It's just a damn shame that the skipper of that ferry will have this blemish on their record because they assumed that the other boat would behave in a more reasonable manner.



I am a bit lost in all the minutia of rules discussed here, but I think this is a very good point from a real world standpoint.  As I stated earlier many of us in puget sound keep well away from ferries irrespective of the situation.  I can imagine the captain of the ferry on a clear day in open water initially assuming the powerboat would throttle back or turn away, and by the time he realized it was not going to happen it was too late to stop in time.

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Yesterday, 01:09 AM

Perhaps it the same psychology that causes these losers to become arsonists or shine lasers at aircraft.  

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06 December 2016 - 10:06 PM

The reality is dealing with ferries has always been a bit confusing in Puget Sound, especially when sailing.  They are under power, but are commercial vessels with passengers so some say the 100 yard minimum distance rule applies.  The ferries are randomly escorted by small fast armed USCG boats who will turn at you if you get anywhere near them.  Their courses are predictable but not exact, accept when in tight areas where it can be hard to keep safe distances like in Eagle Harbor.  In the San Juan Islands they can they turn around midway between docs to offload the other end at the next port.


They are also big fast and silent.  My approach has always been to give them a very wide berth. This is especially true near their docks, as you never quite know when they are departing. 

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06 December 2016 - 04:34 PM

There used to be a SC 50 in Lahaina called Scotch Mist that does crewed sails.  When we did it they would go with as few as 4 guests so the trick was to call last min and book if just a few others were signed up.  Not the same as sailing your own boat but a nice alternative to the cats with 50 people on board.