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What to use to coat the rudder?

02 April 2017 - 06:07 PM

I have a transom hung rudder which is lifted out of the water when not sailing so no need to anti foul.

What to coat it with? I guess I need to protect the wood. My default would be to slap on some domestic gloss paint but this is probably not the answer.

The boat is 23ft - hunter sonatta - the rudder is about 6ft tall with 4ft in the water. It is currently varnished above the water line with some form of paint/ coating below the water line. It needs repair as the coating is damaged and there is water ingress into the wood. I have started to strip it back but curious as to what replace it with.

I am going to prep my spare rudder which is already stripped back to bare wood and nice and dry.

I will then finish stripping the other rudder back to wood to let it dry out.

The suggested solution needs to be a quick process as i go racing in 3 weeks.