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In Topic: Headed to the BVIs for the First Time; Looking for advice

18 October 2016 - 05:54 PM

How much cash to bring for a week?



In Topic: West Michigan Thread

23 August 2016 - 12:47 PM

So, I receive my copy of Sailing World yesterday in the mail and who is on the cover?  West Michigan's very own Brad Faber sailing his J111 Utah in the NAs.


Very cool pic of a great pin-end start.


Way to go Brad!



In Topic: M32 Nationals

23 August 2016 - 12:40 PM

8 boats - seriously?


Shouldn't there be a minimum entry list to allow use of 'nationals'?

...and this is the warmup regatta to the 'worlds'



Yep, pro sailing has really done great things for the sport!


And where is Tempesta - he owns the M32 class in SD.


Not to put a damper on this discussion but I belive you guys might be talking apples and oranges...


M32s are cats.  We saw them whipping around at the LTYC Ugotta Regatta.  About 8-9 boats.  DeVos funded.  Lots of helmets on the sailors.  Typical pro stuff.


I belive that Scooter owns a Melges 32.  And whether he is a dick or not, that is not the same as an M32.


So, which boats are we talking about?



In Topic: Time for our regularly scheduled climate change discussion...........

03 August 2016 - 05:41 PM


I believe in Evolution actually but, there are some here who don't and use the excuse they do. Both are theories. One I have enough info to determine the facts show that the theory on Evolution is correct. If you can supply data for your theory, fine, I haven't seen enough from you yet. Models are not enough.

Clean up on Aisle 9 i think i'm gonna barf


So you believe that the science of geology is a theory? Fossils and the like along with carbon dating is theory?


Duuuuude pray tell where in the fuck did you go to school?

for the rest


This is the first time i have seen this chart





Interesting.  It would seem to suggest that things are cyclical and we just happen to be in an upswing (shocking!).



In Topic: Student Loans

03 August 2016 - 05:29 PM

And another thing, the reason why student debt is such an issue is that parents don't save for their kids college.  We are not a society of savers anymore.  We are a society of borrowers and spenders.  People would rather buy racing yachts, fancy cars, and big houses (often on credit) than put away $500 per month for kids education starting at birth.  Someone else can do the math but 18 years of savings at that rate with a reasonable rate of return can probably pay for most state universities.


Just sayin...