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In Topic: Will Universal Healthcare be what re unites the US of A

22 March 2017 - 01:21 PM

" I tend to disagree that people with that level of support, aptitude, and drive are the exception rather than the norm."

But is this a data based belief or a ideologically based belief? Without taking a Calvinist ("they are not favored by God") or Social Darwinist ("some races are not sufficiently evolved to a capitalistic society") position, how would you explain the entrenched poverty of the Hispanic and Black communities? Social mobility, household net worth and educational attainment data tends to argue against your position that the opportunity to succeed is more equally distributed.


You make a valid point...it is definitely tougher for people in entrenched poverty to make their way out regardless of race or ethnicity (see Appalachia).  But opportunities do exist... and we should not ignore that fact.  There are stories everyday of people breaking the cycle of poverty because them made choices that pointed them in that direction.  That opportunity is what America is based on.  If it wasn't, why would so many immigrants want to come here?  



In Topic: Gorsuch Grabs The Brass Ring

22 March 2017 - 12:52 PM




yeah, I caught that. Frankenstein went on and on and on about the poor driver slowly freezing to death. Than with his last breath, the driver "drove away from the scene". Seems to me, you need a running engine to do that, I'll ask you to tell me specifically what the fuck was wrong with the truck's heater. Franken is a partisan hack and a moron to boot.



Reading is Fundamental. The brakes on the TRAILER were not operational, creating an unsafe situation if he drove the trailer. The engine was fine. After nearly freezing to death (in a cab with a broken heater) waiting for the company to come out, he detached the dangerous trailer and drove the truck to safety. That's what they fired him for - failure to stay with the trailer, when he thought his life was endangered.



Gorsuch said this about it:


"It might be fair to ask whether TransAm's decision was a wise or kind one. But it's not our job to answer questions like that. Our only task is to decide whether the decision was an illegal one."



He said that the law in question only covered "operating" the tractor/trailer rig, not just the tractor part. Maybe that's true. The CNN article said that the other judges applied a dollop of common sense, which suggests to me that they read something in the law that was not in the plain text.


That's sometimes bad.


Apparently, Gorsuch doesn't think it's bad when judges read a right to privacy into the Constitution. Guns.



Interesting that he specified he did not believe privacy is convered under the Due Process clause and suggested privacy was covered elsewhere.  Its this kind of differentiation that makes him noteworthy and that makes Con Law so interesting.  



In Topic: "All they want is the opportunity to be free"

22 March 2017 - 12:26 PM





I don't give a flying fuck how dispassionately other countries treat those who wish to become residents and or citizens.
America is the place where we take in the tired and poor yearning to breathe free. We Welcome them with open arms and embrace them.
All this Americans First, deportation, and walls crap is as un-American and anti-Christian as Sharia Law or obeying royalty.

It is to you the selfish me first, acclimate to our set traditions, and those who want religious and skin color tests I say, "Go live in some other country where they act that way. America!! Love it or leave it!!


We accepted them to come and work at the American dream. We needed them as the Industrial Age required people we didn't have. We didn't accept them to come and drain our tax revenue, lower our standard of living, murder our citizens, and send American $ back home.

You are a contemptible ignoramus at best.  Fuck you and your elk.



My goodness you have a lot of hate bottled up inside of you....take your meds and chill out...




Yes, I hate smug motherfuckers like you that think you did it all on your own.  You didn't make it by yourself; first and foremost, you were born lucky and then made it with some hard work.  Good for you, but don't think for a minute that it was all of your own sweat that got you where you are today.  I never made more than $40,000 a year in my life.  I went to college, I traveled the world, I have lived in many interesting places and done many fascinating things and have more stories than I can ever tell.  I too was lucky and made conscious choices in my life.  I could have made way more money in my life but I wasn't willing to sell my soul and give up my freedom to do so.  I now subsist on about $25,000 a year and I still manage to give my time and money to help those less fortunate than me.  I often give the equivalent of $5.00 to $10.00 to panhandlers.  I know they will probably spend it on vodka, I don't care, the look on their faces when I hand them the money is worth it.  I know I have more than they ever will, I know some of them made bad choices.  It is not for me to judge.  Giving things to people who have less than me gives me far more pleasure than driving a nice car or having a huge house.  What I will be judgmental about is the fuckers like you who don't appreciate how lucky they are, who have what they need and more and then look down with scorn on those that aren't so lucky.  You have a good life, why do you need to be so judgmental about those who don't?  So you think they are getting away with something, big fucking deal. If you are so envious of all these 'lazy' poor people sucking off the government tit, then go ahead and join them. You have that choice, go for it.  Oh, by the way, I live on my VA disability pay which you help pay for, thanks.  Silly me for making the choice to protect your freedom and lifestyle that got me fucked up to the point that I earned the disability pay.  And I will start to collect my Social Security this year too.  I am a regular welfare queen.  Are you going to hate me, too, for that?  The next time I give a few bucks to a panhandler, I am going to tell them to thank you, not me.  


No really, why are you so angry?  Sounds like you have lived the life you wanted.  VA Benefits and SS are earned so I have no grudges there.  And I wouldn't call you a welfare queen (your words, not mine).


So really, shouldn't you head on down to the VA and get some fucking prozac?  It might help.



In Topic: Will Universal Healthcare be what re unites the US of A

22 March 2017 - 12:15 PM



BJ:  ... I think for my next president I'd rather have a single mom that put two kids through college than a privileged billionaire. I want someone that can WORK a budget.




Yeah BC. But according to BJ and others like him, the single mom can never raise herself out of poverty.  She is stuck in a minimum wage job.  There is no way she can put herself through college much less two kids.  So your wish is a pipe-dream according to the lefties.





Look at someone like Wendy Davis. (If you don't know who she is, you will despise her when you learn about her). She's a State Senator from Texas that we've not heard the last of on the national scene. At nineteen she looked like every single teen mom stereotype you want to make.


Raised by a single mom who had four kids and a ninth grade education, with a dad who couldn't make all his child support. Pretty crappy home situation, she worked two jobs as a teen and moved out of the house at 17. Married at 19, had a kid. They split up shortly after, and she was divorced by 21 with him paying child support. Started school, but had to drop out for financial reasons. Waited tables at a restaurant/theater her father started. She worked two jobs, and eventually started at a community college. Then she got into TCU with a scholarship and Pell grants. She re-married while at TCU, and her husband started paying for a lot of her education.


So...she's gotten to college. Working for her dad, with the help of her new husband (no longer a single mom) and a crap ton of work and merit. You don't get scholarships for being stupid; she's a very smart woman. And it also looks like she had family, since her dad got his act together and she worked for him presumably there was some support.


Once married, she had another kid with her new husband, then graduated TCU. From there, she went to Harvard Law, where she initially tried to keep her daughters with her in Boston. But that didn't work, so they went with the husband in Texas, and she commuted as regularly as she could to see the kids. She graduated Harvard cum laude, then went back to Texas. Her and her husband split a decade later, but that's not relevant.


The point is, it CAN be done. But her story has a few important takeaways:

1) She had familial support. From her dad, and eventually from her second husband. She probably could have finished out TCU without him, but Harvard Law may have been problematic.

2) She's a really smart woman. You don't graduate with honors from Harvard law if you are a dummy. Being brilliant counts for a lot when pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

3) She is also a really hard working, driven person. Working two jobs when she was 14 and finishing school? Waiting tables, working as a receptionist and attending school...etc.


Yet she still ended up single and a mother at nineteen with no college degree. Bad life choices, eh? (though technically she didn't divorce until 21, but she was separated)


Take away a few of those key points - the intelligence, the familial support, the personal drive - and she's still living in a trailer working as a waitress at fifty-three, instead of a Harvard educated lawyer and a state Senator. (Though she got crushed when she ran for governor, she's not done yet)


But she is the exception, not the rule. You guys make it sound like any and every single mom can be a Wendy Davis, if she just wasn't so damned lazy. And therein is the problem. You point at someone like Davis and say "see, anyone can do it if they just apply themselves" while failing to recognize that it takes more than just hard work and a desire to do more.


And she finished college in the late 80's, graduating in 1990. College costs have almost quadrupled since then.



I tend to agree that the three factors you indicated are helpful.  I tend to disagree that people with that level of support, aptitude, and drive are the exception rather than the norm.  I guess I just have a more optimistic view of society than you do. 



In Topic: Will Universal Healthcare be what re unites the US of A

21 March 2017 - 06:17 PM

I can recall the one about: from each by ability, to each by need. It didn't wash in 1950, nor does in now.

Karl Marx I think..."to each according to need."