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In Topic: Failing Civics - this might explain why our society is so fracked

24 April 2017 - 12:33 PM

So what would be the consequence of not passing the test, getting automaticity registered as a Republican?


No, being forced to sit through  a civics lesson taught by you...



In Topic: Maybe Melania is just slow.

20 April 2017 - 01:52 PM


Talk about grasping at straws.   Serious TDS  


While it may seem trivial to you, it does provide a glimpse into how he views her.  


I have no doubt you would find such behavior a character flaw if exhibited by President Obama.


Who really gives a fuck about how the President treats the first lady...does it make you feel better about yourself if the relationship is a gracious one, like both Bush's exhibited with their wives?  Or do you prefer the serial womanizing of JFK and the borderline statutory rape by Bill Clinton with Monica?


Jusk askin...


In Topic: Righties, I'm interested in how you can defend this!

20 April 2017 - 01:49 PM




Sooo Ivanka has exclusive rights to sell Ivanka branded merchandise. Sounds like the author of the piece has an outrage looking for a problem... What is the problem again?

Trading on access to the White House for financial gain, it's illegal as hell!


Evidence please?


If not, you are just being a whiny bitch cause Hillary lost...





Hroth, Trips made to SA on government payroll to discuss personal business transactions in Uruguay is a perfect example. The trip cost the gov., US, about 100 grand for a two day visit. Now, tell me why one of the Bobbsy Twins went to a SA country if it was not for gov. business?


What does a trip to Uruguay have to do with Chinese trakemarks?



In Topic: Minimum Wage

20 April 2017 - 01:48 PM



Oh for Christ's sake. Businesses that pay less for labour than it's cost are going to feel the hit when they're forced to pay for it properly. You think the cotton plantations were unaffected by no longer being able to keep slaves? 
There is nothing new, amazing, or indicting against minimum wage here. It is no different than taking out a large loan whilst interest rates are at record lows then not being able to afford repayment when the interest rates return to normal, healthy levels. That doesn't make loans or normal interest rates bad for business, it means business owners should plan for when their outlays return to stable/reasonable levels.
$7 min wage is no different in that regard than 2% interest rates on your mortgage. Both are unsustainable to the economy in the long term. Both will eventually be corrected. If you're a savvy business owner, you'll plan for that. If not, your business wasn't long-term viable in the first place.

You realize that most restaraunt employees are not subject to federal min wage laws! Thier income os largely gratuities.
"We study the impact of the minimum wage on firm exit in the restaurant industry, exploiting recent changes in the minimum wage at the city level."


What does that quote even mean?  Sounds like some confused bureaucratic explanation of something obtuse.



In Topic: You, yes you, are the crux of the problem.

20 April 2017 - 01:45 PM

I'm not complacent, unwilling to dip my toe into controversy. I make points, win some and lose others, I respect the other side and admire their opinion and hope they feel the same about my opinion. We find plenty of common ground here, unfortunately the characters who create our divisiveness often are too busy creating controversy that doesn't allow us to sit back and reflect on things of mutual importance. That's politics and as unfortunate as you seem to find it, it is what interests us. 


I've been on the Internet for 24 years and I have yet to find a site that conducts themselves in the ideal you seem to think is normal. Mostly that's because nothing gets settled on a political discussion site. We don't possess the power of change, that's reserved for our elected politicians who often don't compromise on things at all. Our political advocacy is the same as yours, we write letters, we make phone calls, we vote and we send money, we talk about it among each other and we do it because we believe we are right and because we want to learn more. We wish for the same ideals that you have and we wish that people wouldn't be bullheaded but that is what we have and that is what we work from.


You don't like to argue, that's fine and I wish you success with that. If you decide to wade in here, be prepared to get dirty and hopefully learn something. In the end it's the same just different.

Did you invent the Internet...you must be Al Gore...holy shit we have a dumbass politician in our midst...