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Yesterday, 02:55 PM

I hope that everyone realizes that this is an "All or nothing" furler, not a jib reefing system. It wont wind up part of the sail like a rigid aluminum foil will. 


IMHO, these have a place in the grandprix racing market as it relates to distance sailing, but is this what you want when you might need to reduce sail at some point? 


Otherwise, wouldn't soft hanks be the right answer? 


Bam Miller 


i think if you are starting with non-overlapping jibs, the lack of reefing is much less of an issue than for those with big genoas.


for hanks - i was only asking because the torsion ropes i have seen have a woven cover that i thought might not work so well with certain soft hanks. zippers might be better for this type of torsion rope.


but Rimike has said above that some newer torsion ropes will not have this braided cover, and suggests that soft hanks will work fine on them.

In Topic: Structural Furlers

Yesterday, 01:39 AM

so, say you had a ~40ft racer cruiser.


when new, it was set up for racing - although designed for a harken below deck furler, this was never fitted.


Instead, the boat has a carbo foil, and a pretty good inventory of (non-overlapping) jibs


now, you want to set it up more for short-handed sailing/racing, and cruising, and want some sort of headsail furling.


one option is just to fit the below deck furler, and swap out the carbo foil for an aluminum foil. an existing sail might not need any modification to go on this furler


Is one of these structural furlers another option?


it seems that it would be considerably lighter - the torsion rope is lighter than the aluminum foil, and the furler itself looks a lot lighter. I guess that for any existing sail to go on the furler, it would need to be modified with a slightly higher foot, and hanks.


the structural furler looks like it probably furls easier than the below deck unit - with less friction, and it also looks simpler, so maybe more reliable?

In Topic: Structural Furlers

16 September 2014 - 11:50 PM

the braided cover on the torsion rope look like it's pretty high-friction

In Topic: Structural Furlers

16 September 2014 - 11:04 PM

what kind of hanks work best on the anti-torsion rope?

In Topic: VOR Position Reports

16 September 2014 - 03:09 PM

So, does anyone here have any contacts within the VOR organization?




Maybe you could ask if they could put the position report files on the website for download.