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Yesterday, 10:25 PM


Have you hacked them, or is that the track of a chase boat?

I clicked on an icon in the map shown at the Bermuda webcam site and 'BAR 1 Pleasure Craft' popped up.

If you play with the options it may be possible to track it like in that post above.



pretty sure BAR 1 is a chase boat - it's going into hamilton right now


note that the photos on marine traffic don't mean anything - anyone can upload a photo


also in vessel details it says 10m X 2m

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Yesterday, 05:29 PM

if you poke around the KM website, you can see many pictures of the interior finish


mostly it's great.., but the boats are custom boats, so occasionally there is one that's a bit unusual


the thing that stands out is that it's obvious from the pictures that they are finished to the highest level possible.., but mostly without much ornamentation. The style is simple and functional - just done perfectly. I really like most of them.

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25 February 2017 - 04:55 PM

cool photo, but...


it looks kind of breezy  - breezier than the average day on great sound in june, at least in my experience..., sure there are some days like that...

In Topic: 100,000 lines of code to fly

25 February 2017 - 03:49 PM

I really get off on seeing them fly, but why the fuck are they pretending with the manual shit?


i totally agree


use batteries.., diesels.., whatever...


get rid of the grinders and cyclists - it makes the sport look stupid


once you are storing the energy, rather than using it directly to control the various control surfaces.., it's pointless


and, no, i don't have anything against ETNZ - i'd be happy for them to win

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25 February 2017 - 03:43 PM




All they need to do is to increase the free board of container ships and require all containers to be kept below the gunnel ..
There is no reason that the individuals should be paying for the costs which arise when shipping failures impact upon them.

That would be interesting with already around 15m draft and over 5m of freeboard that idea would take total hull depth from say 20m to nearly 50m high? What is going to laterally support all that ...magic? It would be a blown up version of a 1940's cargo ship. Loading/unloading containers from that maze would take months. Crazy ideas just adds to the cost of everything Jo average buys.
The fact that it increases the cost of shipping does not matter because the cost falls where it belongs .. the shipping industry and their customers .. not being subsidized by unfortunate individuals who happen to smack into containers that happen to be floating about.
Terry I'm in more fear of your boat and other recreational boats adrift along with other shit. I have seen more offshore floating cows than containers...only seen one floating cow.. and I hit it.



i'm with jack on this one


there are many things that can go wrong out there.., and some of them can kill you.., but containers are not on the list of things that i am concerned about.