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In Topic: State Must Intervene to Avert Hartford Bankruptcy

Yesterday, 01:40 PM

CT has already commissioned a study  - you can find the results if you search


if i recall correctly, the study was actually about reducing congestion on i95 and the merritt pkwy- they studied several alternatives, including tolls.., and decided that the best way to reduce traffic is to add lanes - duh.., i guess...


i think they also concluded that tolls would reduce traffic too - just not as much.., but it depends on the tolls - again - duh!


one  thing they suggested is congestion pricing - higher tolls during rush hour


i think they suggested that the tolls only be the kind you can drive through at highway speeds - you either use easypass, or they send you a bill. they also looked at where the tolls should be - i forget what they decided.., but i think it's not just at the state borders, but scattered along the highway


this is from memory.., and i may have some of it wrong.


my guess is adding lanes is expensive so it may not get done in the near future unless it is pretty much wholly paid for by the feds - maybe as part of a big infrastructure program.


anyway.., the need for revenue in CT is as great as the need to reduce congestion.., so there will be tolls even if they build new lanes

In Topic: Microsoft Surface Nav programs. (windows 10)

19 January 2017 - 11:59 PM

Maybe its the learning curve but it seems to be a bit less intuitive than other programs. Ill have to see if i can figure out how to make each of the maps quilted together to have a uniform amount of detail. Definitely has some great features.


well, if you are using raster charts, you can't make them have the same amount of detail.., because they don't have  the same amount of detail


raster charts are just scanned paper charts - some areas, are at a larger scale than other areas.


the whole earth hasn't been mapped at 1:2,000!


it's the same with vector charts.., because they are created directly from paper charts, but it's a little less obvious when areas mapped at different scales are adjacent


anyway, it sounds like you might be happier with vector charts - i don't use it but i would guess  that opencpn can use vector charts, maybe the free ENC charts

In Topic: Thoughts on Schionnings 15m cruising Tri?

19 January 2017 - 02:06 PM


pretty sure i'd rather have a gunboat 48


Me to, but there are those who love tris and I like seeing all sorts of multis and have always liked the idea of a tri that actually has some decent cruising amenities for its gigantic price tag.    At almost 3T lighter than a gunboat 48 it would probably a lot faster in most conditions. 



i guess we will see what the real displacement of the Schionning is when or if one gets launched


but to me, the arrangements are so compromised that a speed difference wouldn't matter - if you want to go fast, buy a racing tri.., if you want to cruise, you need something with a workable interior

In Topic: KEY WEST Race Week whats with the multis ?

19 January 2017 - 02:00 PM

but did you see the fort lauderdale - key west resuts?


GB 62 Elvis had a lower elapsed time than the RP 74 Wizard



In Topic: Backup Camera

18 January 2017 - 08:32 PM

us7070 - shorthanded with the #1 and therefore limited visibility is the situation. Wondered if the focus range etc. of these cameras might work    Also finding a video screen you can see in outside light would also be a concern.


DrewR - mirror is another idea - have you really tried it?


chartplotters are designed to be viewed outdoors in bright sunlight - they work fine


i think raymarine has an off the shelf setup - camera and chartplotter