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In Topic: ORC Rule

Today, 10:41 PM

are you talking about ORCi?


yes - it's a measurement/VPP based rating system.


My own opinion is that it (and its cousin ORR), can more fairly rate a wider variety of boats than IRC.


But I don't believe that any rating or handicapping system works well enough for the results to have real meaning, except in a few limited cases.


There are several ways of applying the ORCi handicaps, and the methods that work better are also harder to use in practice.


I doubt that ORCi or ORR will take over in areas currently dominated by IRC.


the ORC website is probably  the single most useful website in all of sailing - have a look. There is very good documentation of the ORCi VPP.

In Topic: B&G H 3000 to Laptop

Today, 10:33 PM

The H3000 comes up as COM9 It is listed as closed.  I have tried the various H3000 options  HLINK & Hydra but to no avail 


The other Serial to USB comes up as COM10 and is Open.  When I switch to COM10 and NMEA the data flows freely


I assume that the Closed status is the problem but not sure how to diagnose any further 


So you still have Serial out through the serial to USB adapter?


I think that's a problem, because only one output from the processor can be configured ( I think) at a time.


there is effectively a switch -and/or different physical connections -  if Serial out is configured, USB out won't work..., and visa versa.


you (or an instrument guy) need to open the processor and switch it to USB out.

In Topic: B&G H 3000 to Laptop

Today, 03:03 PM

is the network listed as open or closed in the expedition network dialog box?


have you properly configured the network, by selecting H3000 in the network selection drop down menu?


if so, are you sure you are configuring the right com port?

In Topic: Vineyard Race 2014- Advice for Virgins

Yesterday, 10:47 PM

So what happened to Weegie? They entered The Vineyard, with a stiffer rating, then they got removed from the scratch sheet. I did notice the SIs clearly stated that DH boats were racing for DH prizes and not the overalls. Anyone know the story?


the DH boats have their own DH trophy


in case you are thinking that it's a disadvantage to be DH, consider the weight penalty of being fully crewed - which is faster..., a DH J/120, or a J/120 with 8 or 10 people, food, water, gear.., etc?


anyway, there probably shouldn't be overall prizes in the vineyard race - results depend too much on when you get to the exit/entrance, which depends on when you start, and boat size.


Th DH boats start an hour ahead of similar sized fully crewed boats and get to the exit an hour earlier - that can either hurt or help. the smallest IRC boats start well before the fastest, but get to the exit sometimes hours after the fastest IRC boats - how can any meaningful comparison be made?

In Topic: Using GPS for target boat speed & sail trim (Velocitek Prostart)

Yesterday, 10:01 PM

A fine point but GPS speed is not the difference between two locations, it is a measurement of the doppler shift and thus speed of the satellites and a translation of those speeds to the GPS receiver.  This is more accurate than taking the difference between locations.  That said, if you then take your GPX file into some software, chances are the software is reading speed as the difference between two locations as I have not seen a GPS that records the GPS speed into the GPX file.


i have an iphone NMEA data logging app that records the GPS speed in a text file.


also as i'm sure you know, some PC-based nav programs (eg. expedition) will log the GPS speed, but i assume you are interested in hand held devices.