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In Topic: What has happened to Navionics ... again

Yesterday, 01:34 PM

looks like on the apple app store, they are still offering both the old and new apps


i haven't checked the android store


i agree it's confusing, but i figured that they weren't going to upgrade the old apps anymore

In Topic: N2E 2014 Weather- The official thread

18 April 2014 - 05:42 PM

the problem with a weather window, is that no matter when the RC decides to start the race, they will be accused of favoring certain boats over other boats.


but, you could try to make it objective, by letting expedition decide when the race starts


use a pre-determined GFS run - say the 12Z run of the day before the window opens.


pick a nominally "average" boat, and as soon as the model is available, run the optimization for a start at every hour of the window.


the hour with the fastest race - the shortest elapsed time -  wins, and becomes the start time. it can be announced immediately.


the other option, as discussed above is to let boats start at the time of their choice within the window.

In Topic: Charleston Race Week 2014

18 April 2014 - 01:43 PM


That was my first CRW and all I can say was WOW! Hands down, the best overall regatta experience I've ever been involved with. The venue is fantastic, the organization was top notch, everything was geared to a good experience for all, coffee and bagels in the AM, friendliest and most helpful volunteers, great racing, smoking hot College of Charleston sorority girls handing out Dark n'Stormys on the dock. Aside from having my ass handed to me in the J/70 fleet, it was a great experience.


I can't wait to go back next year. If you have not done this event, put it on your schedule, you will not be disappointed.






Sorry I missed you Chaos, and even sorrier I missed Mrs. Chaos.  And I'll pass your words along to everyone at the event.


In case you missed the final video, I think Petey out did himself.




My bad Clean. Saw you plenty but you seemed pretty busy so let it slide.


Thanx for the videos. Most enjoyable. Especially at the leeward mark on Sunday. I was on the middle of the shitshow and still laughing about it. Mrs. Chaos on the other hand had an awesome rounding of the right gate on Aquaholics and got quite a cheer! (Check your video near the end).


One thing I did think interesting on your video: As one of the boats was approaching the left gate with the chute still up, you started yelling to them "That's the move!"... some could interpret that as outside assistance.


Please pass the cudos on to Randy and the rest of the gang in Charleston. They are awesome.






_unsolicited_ outside assistance doesn't violate the RRS anymore


In the older rules, even unsolicited outside advice was technically a violation, and in theory the recipient should have resigned, or could have been protested.


I'm not sure that this ever happened, but they "cleaned" up the rules, so Clean is free to give all the unsolicited advice he wants - whether anyone wants to follow it is another issue.


i guess you could also ask whether it's good idea for him to do it, but it wouldn't bother me.

In Topic: What has happened to Navionics ... again

18 April 2014 - 01:27 PM

from what i can tell it ends up being more or less the same price.


i need something simple for my android toughpad, and if nothing better comes along i will buy this when the season gets going for me.


i mostly use the toughpad as a remote for the laptop, but i want something in case that stops working.


i asked about this a few months ago in another thread.


one thing that i haven't seen discussed is the issue of the tablet version vs the phone version.


with the old version, people were using the much cheaper phone version on tablets, and reporting that it worked great - with full tablet resolution.


i somehow doubt that they have left that loophole open with the new version, and wouldn't be surprised to learn that closing it was a major goal of the new approach.


17 April 2014 - 10:48 PM

cruising boats usually don't have very active spinnaker trim anyway...


usually, the sheet gets set in about the right place, and cleated off.


then the driver just heads up or down a bit, as needed to keep the chute flying nicely.