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In Topic: VMG and Routing Software

Today, 07:29 AM

You can make a typical GPS show VMG by setting a waypoint 100 miles away in the direction the wind is coming from.  Not easy to calculate and I have never done it but I mention it for completeness.  That said, I don't think VMG is very useful unless you average the hell out of it.  Take 50 points and plot them, stuff like that.  VMG readings are just too sensitive the the heading of the boat.  Fall off to build up speed and then pinch like hell and you will get great VMG numbers, until the boat slows down.  This may be what the OP means by having a tough time getting his VMG numbers.

VMG wrt a mark is really of no value in WL racing - as others have pointed out above

But the method described by Allen for getting VMG wrt the wind from a GPS can be made to work a bit easier

You can make a GPX waypoint list on a computer with waypoints at say 5 deg increments from 0 to 360 at a few hundred miles from your race area - name them 005, 010, 015 etc. most handhelds will let you load a GPX file. Then on the boat, just navigate to the one closest to what you think the TWD is by shooting the wind and getting it from your compass, and then changing waypoints as your heading on any particular tack changes

In Topic: Dehler 41 vs J/122

Today, 07:14 AM

Dehler 41 weighs 4K more than the 122 (18K to 14K), SA/D is roughly the same.  Tough to beat a J122 in any rating system. Interior is preference, Dehler builds a nice boat, there is one at my club.  Prettiest boat there.  

How old is the boat at your club?

The 41 is the only Dehler I have ever been aboard.

My understanding is that Dehler has recently been acquired by Hanse - a builder not known for a high level of finish - and that some believe the overall build quality has declined since the acquisition.

I have also looked at a few X-Yachts, and the overall feel of the X-Yacht is dramatically better than the Dehler 41 - and X is still a production builder.

In Topic: Dehler 41 vs J/122

Yesterday, 06:56 AM

So I finally saw a Dehler 41

I was not that impressed with the build quality - I didn't sail the boat, but I did give it a reasonably good look.

Just looking at the boat, it's hard to evaluate how strong the hull is or things like that. The keel is not tied to Amy sort of grid. I didn't see all the keel bolts but the ones I saw each went through their own ~6 inch square steel plate, maybe 0.75 inch thick. I guess this is a lot better than washers like the Beneteaunthat lost it's keel, and maybe better than at least some J Boats.

Mostly what I noticed was that the interior finish - the cabinetry I guess - was done at a pretty low level. Some non-structural things on deck were pretty flimsy. I would say a j/122 has a higher level of finish than the Dehler 41.

In Topic: SCOTW Front Page - sad!

22 July 2014 - 08:37 PM

They've voted to allow women members, but AFAIAA, there aren't any yet. There are LAMs (Lady Associate Members) - wives or unmarried eldest daughters of members. 

Makes the Arab world seem progressive. I guess they are trying to keep up with the Masters in Augusta.

In principle. I have no problem at all with single sex clubs - for men or women.

I don't think I'd want to belong to a single sex yacht club, but if someone else wants to , who am,I to complain?

In Topic: French Centerboarders

18 July 2014 - 11:54 PM

Aka54 - are you building another boat?


for some reason i thought you were building one of the stadtship designs - a boat like Oester