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In Topic: Tropical Storm Arthur

02 July 2014 - 01:22 PM

Fun, fun. Will head to NC coast tonight and get things ready.  I have too many boats . . .

In Topic: What happened to PHRF in annapolis?

30 June 2014 - 12:33 PM

Face it, PHRF used to be a bunch of folks out racing with dacron sails and their family.  Now if you want to compete it costs stupid amounts of money for a pickle dish and overcooked steak at the post race party.  Sailing used to be an excuse to get out on the water before a great party started, not so much any more.  I recently quit PHRF and went to a small one design boat.  A complete set of sails costs less than a jib on the old boat.  A set of Doyle sails on a big boat look good for a couple of years, but come year 4 when you are racing in gusts to 35 and your main and #3 split apart it gets very frustrating.  I never had problems getting crew, usually the opposite I had to try to find spaces on other boats for people wanting to go out.  I never told someone they couldn't go out sailing, sometimes we looked like a Hatian refugee boat, but we had a good time and sometimes we won.  If you sail well and make sure the #1 goal is to go out and have fun, then people want to sail with you.

In Topic: SJ21 and SJ24 North American Championships

29 May 2014 - 11:51 AM

Very active fleet of 21s on the East Coast as well.  The Clarkes moved to New Bern and opened a factory there for a number of years.  Good friend of mine worked there, said one boat would come out of the mold and they would use a come along to pull the hull together so the deck would fit.  Next one would need a spreader to push the sides out so the deck would fit.  Tough to argue the value in the boats where you can get a boat ready for the Nationals for $5K.