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In Topic: Pets at your YC

27 August 2015 - 08:44 PM

For a while we had a bunch of dog haters on the board, but they never went so far as to ban dogs.  It was a reaction to a bad dog giving all dogs a bad reputation.  Punish the one instead of enforcing the rules kind of mentality.Things are better now.


They have never been allowed in the clubhouse.  We don't have a commercial kitchen, but dogs bring their humans up on the deck pretty regularly.

In Topic: Bucc 18... PHRF rating?

13 July 2015 - 07:28 PM

Just looked at the results Doug, not sure what River you were racing on, the Winter Series in 2008 had 4 Spin A and 5 Spin B, and after the first two races only 3 spin B.  The biggest race of 2008 was the ICRC race with 13 total spin boats racing.  

In Topic: Shameless Plug for nice little boat: Topper Topaz Uno+

10 July 2015 - 01:03 PM

The kids are usually in the 10-14 year old range.  That's my daughter coaching, she said the kids love the boats.  Biggest problem is they want to get out of the Optis and into the Topaz before they have learned the basics.  Hang out with the big kids I guess.  The boat gets really small with an adult on it, but as Steam said they are easy for the kids to handle even in a breeze and will sail without the jib when the wind gets up.  They seem to be pretty indestructible, but time will tell as they are new.


This is a relatively new program for our club, when my daughter was growing up there were never any kids around the club.  Now we have picked up several new members from the program and those pesky kids are running around the club, having fun and sailing much to the chagrin of all the old retired people.  Great to see.

In Topic: Bucc 18... PHRF rating?

09 July 2015 - 01:12 PM



I hate to whine, but 99% of you all are missing the f***ing point. I don't give a shit about racing in PHRf, other than it is the only racing on the water right in front of my house. I want to sail and show the boat close to home. Yes we will do a fair number of OD events elsewhere, but the point is to sail CLOSE TO HOME



Doug-  There are a couple of guys here who have Bucc's.  Past members of PSC.  Search for Brett Auer- Belhaven NC on facebook and Rick Brass can be found at his day job at the town docks in Washington.  https://activecaptai..._NC&i=328261149


A bad day on the water with a Capri 16 with a 350lb crew that went overboard killed dinghies racing with our PHRF fleet in the spring and fall, but our informal summer series is pretty much run what you brung.


What I hear you saying is that the problem is with the sailor(s) not the boat. If there are some Buccs up there, then I would love to get in touch with them and definitely come up there to play.


So far I am getting replies from our PHRF committee which pretty much range from "Ha ha, if you're too poor to buy a REAL PHRF boat then we don't want you anyway" to "What's next Optis? NFW dude" which is about what I expected only less polite. Sometimes I wonder if the sport of sailing is really dying, or if it's already dead and we are just the reflex twitching of the corpse.


FB- Doug

I sure don't want to get in the position of having to qualify sailors before they race with us.  This was an example of how an incident ruined the day for racing for all involved, and while we thought we were being progressive in allowing dinghies to race with us, in fact it decreased the quality of racing for the club as a whole.


If I were in your shoes I'd buy a SJ21, just as easy to trailer and OD competition right in front of your house.


Have fun with the Bucc.  Seem like they'd be awful fun on a screaming reach.



Well, this isn't the place to tell everything that sucks about a SJ-21 but a big reason why I am not interested in racing them is that they are not one-design. There are huge variations in weight, rig/foil geometry, and structure. There really isn't any class racing here in SJ-21s either, they have maybe 3 or 4 races a year where more than 5 are on the course at the same time. I also find them very uncomfortable; and the bottom line is my wife would not sail with me in one.


For less money I can get a better boat with a bigger class. I just don't have the option of class racing HERE.... yet. And to be honest, that option may never develop anyway. It's still enough fun to sail that I would just... well, sail it for fun!


If the local sailing commissars don't want me to participate in their little races (and the PHRF fleet here is down to half or less than what it was 7 years ago) that's their call. There would be some benefits to both parties if they felt differently, but that's life... or more accurately, that's PHRF committees.


FB- Doug


Wrong Doug, the fleet is actually larger than it was 7 years ago.  There aren't as many high dollar big boats, but the B Fleet has definitely grown.  I don't care what boats race as long as we have boats out racing, but if you try an hook a 39 footer at the start like you would a dinghy things aren't going to work out well for you.  As the smallest boat by far in the A fleet, you either win the start or you lost the race.  A 36.7 has a big wind shadow.


If you want to race in the Parrothead, propose a fair rating and come out to race.  We'll let you play even if you don't have a valid PHRF.  July 25.  You never know, it could be NW and you could win the whole thing.  I am racing the big boat because it is usually hot as hell and the Viper can't carry enough beer!

In Topic: Bucc 18... PHRF rating?

06 July 2015 - 07:09 PM


Find a Portsmouth Fleet.  Their specialty is small boats and inland waters.


The problem is, we don't have one. I can drive 2 1/2 hours and race with a Bucc fleet in Raleigh, or I can sail in PHRF here (and can always sail for fun, that's no prob!).


The only small boats currently sailing at our club are Optis and Topaz, about once every 3 years somebody will sail one of the Sunfish or Flying Scots lying around the yard. I am hoping to jump-start small boat sailing and racing in our area.


FB- Doug


I don't think you can start a fleet of anything with hiking straps in our area, the age demographic is against you!