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In Topic: 5o5 Measurement Rules and ISAF

Today, 07:00 PM

Winder did a similar thing with the Fireball, the rules were changed to make their boats legal, they also have somehow got some sort of copyright on the Mirror they are currently building.........

In Topic: What gives?

Yesterday, 02:40 PM

Their sock drawers are empty and need replenishing?

In Topic: Fun question for the day: Has a J Boat ever rounded Cape Horn?

30 August 2014 - 09:32 PM

A mate of mine sailed a beach cat from South America to Antarctica, so it must be possible to get a J around the horn!

In Topic: Buccaneer repair

28 August 2014 - 04:26 PM

On all the boats I build I use a heavy 90 mm wide sail tape that has been folded in half along its length and stitched along both edges. This is done by our local North loft. The tape is glued to the boat using contact adhesive, the trick is to get the front edge down and to tension it as you bond it moving aft so the edge of the tape running down the centreline of the case is taught, the folded edge of the tape is the inner edge. I butt the tapes as overlapping them sometimes allows the aft edge of the board to hook the tapes and fold them in as the board is raised. The job is completed by using 50 mm sticky back sail tape stuck 30 mm onto the slot tape and 20 mm onto the hull, aft piece first ,then side pieces then front, al corners of said tape to be rounded. A thin coat of PU paint or varnish over all edges of the sticky back will prevent it from peeling off when dragging the boat on and off the trolley. The whole job takes about 10 minutes longer than it takes the contact adhesive to dry.

In Topic: Fireball Mast Erecting

28 August 2014 - 03:18 PM

The mast weighs about 8 kg, if you can't lift that weight up you will not be able to right the boat after a capsize.