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Will Porter design intern

10 March 2014 - 10:40 PM

I met B.J. Porter right here on SA. He mentioned that his son will was becoming seriously interested in yacht design. I volunteered to look over Will's drawings. Will and I exchanged emails and drawings for about a year. Will had talent and took correction very well. Then I offered to take Will on as an intern for a coupe of weeks. Problem was now Will and his family were off on their world cruise on their Hallberg-_Rassy 53. They were now in Panama City having transited the Canal. No problem. B.J. flew Will to Seattle where he has been staying at my house for 16 days. We have worked 8 hours a day every day with no breaks. We did take one day off to go see Kim's Sliver 63'er in Ballard. Other than that we have been hard at it. Will started by drawing a hand drawn set of hull lines, splines and weights, like a man. This took 2.5 days. Then we went on to the computer and recreated the boat in the computer lines fairing program. I was the "client". I gave the specs and I made the demands. I wanted a boat for me and my dog. Just that simple. Something the two of us could sail around Puget Sound much like I did in 6 26' PERRYWINKLE. Essentially I wanted an updated PW. This is my little custom, money no object boat.


Will spent one whole day via Skype and screen sharing working with my 3D go to guy, Jody Culbertson, Rasputin on SA. Jody showed Will the basics of Rhino and Orca. I watched.

It took Will about 2 days to get quite proficient on acad. He had never used it before. O coached him and showed him techniques I used but I let him do the design work.

Will leaves for Panama tonight. We have had a good time and a lot of fun with this preliminary design project. I am proud of what Will has accomplished in 16 days.


Will is 16 years old.






Black and yellow from front page

06 March 2014 - 02:39 PM

Cool boat. Does anyone have any info on that board, it looks curved, coming out of the side?

The bow on this boat looks very full.

Grumpy Bob has some fun

23 February 2014 - 10:50 PM

I have B.J.Porter's son here at that shack for two weeks. We have been corresponding by email for about a year and now he is here staying with me so I can teach him the tricks of the trade.

I have decided to start him out with some good ol'timey hand drafting. Just like the guys in Alden's and Rhodes' and S&S and Tripp's offices did. Real men, smoking pipes and wearing vests. Ok, I won't make Will smoke a pipe. Not yet anyway. We started this morning at 6am. We have been hard at it. Here is Will fathoming the mysteries of spline weights and splines. I figure he won't. learn this anywhere else and down the line it will help him with curves on the compooter.




I have a simple question

10 February 2014 - 11:07 PM

Those big racing boats with canting keels:


I'd like to hear from someone who has sailed on one.

Do they ever sail with the keel partially canted?

Is the keel always at max cant?


I understand that in very light air some heel angle may be desirable. So as the wind builds do you slowly start increasing the cant angle? Do you cant the keel to achieve a fixed and  pre-determined heel angle?

Not looking for theories. I'm looking for hands on experience. Are these boats so overpowered that they always require full cant? Doesn't look like I'm going to get the chance to race on one and I can't see me getting to design one. But, fuck it, I'm still curious.


FRANCIS LEE aka the Sliver Porject gets launched

28 January 2014 - 04:08 PM

We put Frankie in the drink yesterday. We still have a few things to do:

hook engine up

build tiller

put cove stripe on

get some sails

finish rig details


But we will be ready to go soon. AS for now, we are still floating light and right on the lines. I could not be more pleased.