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The RVYC (Rainforest) Challenge

02 October 2013 - 04:28 AM

The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club was asked to challenge and their officials have flown off to consult Comrade Ehman.


Other than that, not much has happened.


And, what with the lack of carbon-capable boat builders in B.C., there is a chance precisely nothing will happen. 


Even so, we should applaud any interest and hope sasquatch in the rain forest ensure this one amounts to something and is not encumbered by fireplace bullshit and empty posturing. 


There are some Canadians with AC experience (e.g. Curtis Blewett; Brian McInnes, that burly grinder from Nova Scotia; the brilliant C-class guys from Ontario) and foreigners with AC experience and a deep fondness for B.C.  You might be surprised by their names. So, for now, I ain't saying.  But they are ... err um ... "senior" participants.  Peelman knows a few!


As information dribbles in, it can go in this thread.


All hail the Maple Leaf.


No chance of taniwha in  English Bay. Too cold mate!

Dilemmas of Free Agency

29 September 2013 - 07:47 PM

During the Year 2000 TNZ traitor crisis, media were hounding the usual suspects with questions about coming or going. 


Since then, the post-regatta hiring process has intensified. 


And will continue like this until some kind of nationality rule appears.


Right now, TNZ has a very small buffer zone. But contracts soon expire and everyone becomes a free agent.


Aready, email networks are carrying CVs from people already in (or anxious to return to) AC racing.


Grant indicated there is heavy pressure (ie. large amounts of money) being waved at TNZ designers.


After the "Swiss-six" crisis, people should realise these are not just "business decisions."


But get this.


In TNZ most people are not going anywhere.


Because, as NZers, they value their homeland, like the beach, enjoy the tightness of the team and do not hanker after an overflowing bank account. 


Contrary to what many people think, money is not the only motivator. 


However, people like Ashby and Beashel have a problem because the sunburnt country is mounting what increasingly looks like a viable challenge.


This is a very interesting time in AC history. While outfits like OR  and Artemis have something to offer future (or existing) team members, the only thing Grant has is a promise to try and find some money. 


Wil the promise be enough?


What do you think?


Take the money and run? Or depend on the promise?


Who is going where?

One-Design AC65 catamaran: A New Role for CORE

28 September 2013 - 08:41 PM

Now the "regutter" is over I can reveal I had a few beers with some Core guys in SF.


At the time (of the beers) it was 8-1 (NZ) and they were worried about their future.  


Even now (with an OR victory) they are still worried.


Wih the LR/TNZ collaboration as a backdrop, I wonder if OR would consider cranking out 8 or 10 AC65s one-design boats and supplying them to challengers. 


Having a full-scale AC boat as a benchmark, challengers would have a platform on which to design and build their race boats. 


As already demonstrated with LR, it would be much easier for a fledgling challenger to get into the game if they had a viable boat early in the development process.


This sounds like an ideal project for CORE.


Because these are "starter" boats CIC would not apply.


As before, the AC race boat would have to be built "in country."

On-scene in San Francisco

06 September 2013 - 11:38 PM

What happened when MSP came to consult with Stingray?


Or SWS fell in the harbour and corrected his cognitive problems?


Or Gauchogreg rode into town on a horse?


This thread is for your town-and-around gossip.


Stinger et al have a few posts under "AC Spotting".


But this is more than that. 


Who said and did what?


After all the bullshit, what is like (from your perspective) in SF?



Being A "Professional" Sailor: Shut-Up Or Speak the Truth?

16 August 2013 - 03:11 AM

Fortunately, in my job I am paid to speak the truth as I see it.


But, over the years, I have dealt with people who got paid for lying or remaining silent in the face of considerable provocation.


When people remain silent when they see shit happening people can die.


So, while I understand Terry Hutchinson’s reluctance to delve into the conflict in Artemis I am left to wonder if Bart Simpson might be alive today had TH blown the whistle.


Just about everyone in Oracle knows the identity of the cheaters. And they also know if Coutts knew about it.


What is their duty at this time?  If called to the jury where they presumably speak under oath, they have few choices. However, I know many sailors who seal their lips because they are always thinking ahead to the next job. Moreover, cross Larry Ellison at your peril.


I am not a professional sailor because 1. I do not have the skills and 2. Would find it impossible to remain silent when I see shit happen.


What do you think?  Do those “in the know” have a duty to speak the truth?