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In Topic: Southern Strait 2014 - 46th annual classic race

17 April 2014 - 08:57 PM

I was happy to see those results after some of the discouraging scores over the winter.  Glad to see you guys starting to dial in the machine!



That's a very healthy looking entry list. 

Thanks Bob - Ty the race chair and the committee worked very hard keeping the numbers up; and getting people the registered early. It's been a problem forever but apparently it worked!  


Bump again.


Now 92 confirmed entries: http://www.wvyc.ca/D...id=304472&vnf=1


.....hmmm,,don't see Occam listed  :mellow:  :rolleyes:

Your a cheeky man! lol.



Please note that Occam's recorded a perfect score of all firsts for the Opener regatta, with a throw out of 2nd.


Not bad for a whole new team on the boat.  We have worked very hard over the winter to recruit crew and get the boat up to speed


We didn't feel the boat would be ready for Straits, so opted out some time ago.  There is still some work to be done to recover from a few years of neglect.  But we are registered for the the long course as Swiftsure, and are looking forward to it.


In Topic: Standard Horizon (HX851) vs. Icom (M92D) or (M73)

26 February 2014 - 05:41 AM

I just bought an HX851 (and have a 751). My observations:

It's big and bulky. Of course, it has to be so it'll float. As a personal radio, it is a bit of a pain to fit it in a pocket. Battery life is 10-12 hours.

The GPS locks on quickly, radio controls are reasonably intuitive, but I wouldn't want to use the GPS for navigation.

Overall, I'm happy with both radios and have always found Standard Horizon gear to be good (all of my ham radios are Yaesu....).

In Topic: Can>>US keelboat import.....details?

14 February 2014 - 12:28 AM

The biggest challenge you'll face is that you likely have no Canadian "title" for the boat.  State DMV organizations are quite sticky on having something that looks like a "pink slip" to show ownership.  Lots of repetition in a calm, monotone voice will sometimes get the DMV clerk to accept a "bill of sale" for the boat.  If you have a Canadian license (K or BC type numbers), you might get DMV to take that even though it says in nice bold print that "this is not a title document". -- otherwise it seems that it depends on who you get at the local DMV.  I'm thinking that the US25 may not have that as the license as it's only required if you're running more than 9.9hp.


The trailer is likely not a problem -- you'll have a title document for that.


Having previous purchase paperwork available will likely allow you to answer questions only once or twice instead of dozens of times.

In Topic: Why Does this Only Rate 198 ?

14 January 2014 - 06:08 AM

With good sales, a proper racing bottom, the Sabre 30 is an absolute PHRF killing machine.

 what difference does the price make ??

It's tough to pull a horizon job on your local PHRF fleet if your boat is still for sale, is owned by someone else and is physically located in another country....

In Topic: Why Does this Only Rate 198 ?

13 January 2014 - 09:29 PM

With good sales, a proper racing bottom, the Sabre 30 is an absolute PHRF killing machine.


When I first saw the Sabre, it immediately made me think of the PC (I see that one of those is featured on the fabled front page).  A sabre should be an easy boat to sail beyond its rating and I think it would be great fun to sail....but it would be hard for me to justify slip rent for a 'glass boat of that style.  A meter boat (or a square meter, or universal rule) just has that something extra that makes pouring vast amounts of money into the hole in the water under the hull seem OK.