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In Topic: Northern Century

24 August 2015 - 05:17 AM

Thanks to AYC for running this event. I raced the first time three years ago and consider it a must do on each year's schedule.

Unfortunately, at 1830 on Saturday, we were looking at 48 miles to go and 18 hours remaining...getting a 47.7 up to speed to complete the course was gonna take a LOT more than the 3-5 of wind we were looking at, so we pulled the pin. Rowing was NOT an option in my mind!

In Topic: Thinking about an old BMW for my son, what to watch for?

05 August 2015 - 12:25 AM

I agree with all the people who say BMW's are maintenance nightmares. But do you know what is worse? Range Rovers.




So what are you saying?  That the fact that I gave my daughter our E32, bought my wife an E90 and sold my Jeep Wranger to buy a Disco 2 is a clear indication that my lobotomy was effective?


I've actually had good experiences maintaining my BMWs, but the KEY is that you have to be prepared to turn a wrench yourself.  If you are planning on taking these cars to a shop for routine maintenance, you had better remember to Bring My Wallet.  The stealership recently quoted me $500 for an oil/brake fluid/cabin filter change on the E90.


My total cost of maintenance (parts only....I did the wrenching) over probably 8 years and 100k miles in my 735 has been....maybe....$500 / year.  Parts for the BMW are very close to that of any Chevy/Ford/Jeep/what have you...and in a lot of cases are quite a bit cheaper. 


BMW makes a great car to drive, but if you are not prepared to work on the car yourself and you have a limited budget, buy a Toyota or a Mazda.