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I'm in the Chesapeake: Where the Hell is Everyone?

21 August 2014 - 01:30 AM

I realize that August isn't the optimal time to cruise the Chesapeake, but it's deserted, even though the weather has been fine: sunny, not too hot, 10 knots of wind, flat water.  It's leisurely sailing for folks like us used to 20 knots of wind in Rhode Island Sound, but it's fine.  We aren't in a hurry.


Yesterday we were in Annapolis at the city dock (right across from Pussers) and most of the slips were empty.  Today we are in St. Michaels and we were literally the only dinghy at the public dinghy dock. There are two boats anchored off the Maritime Museum, ours and a single trawler.  We were in Rock Hall over the weekend, and there was plenty of space at the public dock.


We were also warned about the heavy commercial traffic.  We saw plenty on the Delaware River, but virtually nothing in the top half of the Chesapeake: two freighters anchored off Annapolis (presumably waiting for pilots to take them in to Baltimore) and one tug pushing a small barge.  That's it.





So Tell Me About Lewes Delaware

01 August 2014 - 12:46 AM

I'm looking for a decent anchorage in Lewes Delaware/Cape Henlopen area, or failing that, a slip.  My boat is 38 ft.,  draft is 4.5 feet with the board up, mast is 55 ft. high.


1. I see that it is possible to anchor inside the inner breakwater.  How bumpy is it when the ferries from Cape May come in?  How is the holding? How long is the dinghy ride to shore?


2. There's Roosevelt Inlet, with a depth of 10 feet.  Is there a place to anchor inside the inlet?


3. I see that the town of Lewes rents slips on the inlet, but there are only 4 of them.  Is there a commercial marina inside the inlet that I can use without smashing my rig on a fixed bridge?


I've been looking at the charts and aerial photos, but they don't answer my questions.  Any help would be appreciated.