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Electric Pump for Dinghy

13 March 2014 - 10:46 PM

I have a Walker Bay air floor inflatable. Both the air floor and the tubes use Halkey-Roberts valves. I currently inflate the dinghy using a Bravo high-pressure (14 psi) bellows-type foot pump. The inflation time isn't too bad, but deflation is a real bitch.

I'm looking for an electric pump, either 12v or 110-120ac, that can take a Halkey-Roberts adapter. I believe the tube diameter on my manual pump is 21mm.

Any recommendations?

It's curious that the specialized 12v pumps for inflatables and kayaks that go up to 12-14 psi (so they can inflate my air floor) seem to be priced at $150-200, while standard 110-120 volt pumps that can inflate a tire to 32+ psi cost $35. Unfortunately the latter have standard connectors for inflating automobile tires, but no Halkey-Roberts connectors.