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In Topic: Looking for Chutzpah and Magic

15 April 2011 - 08:18 PM

Since no one has asked, "What does it rate?
Does anyone have any idea what PHRF rating
Chutzpah was sailing to?

Chutzpah originally did not have a PHRF rating. There was no PHRF at the time.
These first generation ULDBs mostly raced as severely deoptimized IOR racers! Moore 24s rated close to 1/2 tonners, SC27 were 3/4 tonners. My bet is that Chutzpah and Witchcraft rated with the 2 tonners
In the early 70's, even Groovy Santa Cruz and the SCYC were in disapproval of these "Cheater Boats." They were not even scored on Wednesday night until Bill, George and the rest became a little more respectable and the shit box sailors caught on to "fast is fun."