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23 July 2014 - 03:26 PM

It pays 1,000,000.00 Zimbabwein Kwachas per year.  We will gladly exchange that to Iranian Rials if you so desire.

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23 July 2014 - 01:14 PM

The answer to most questions is almost always the most simple.  In this case it is a matter of geography. The closer an event is to a boat's home port, the higher the chance it will participate in that event and not an event further away.  See below, BCYA race (PHRF, OD & Multihull) and SPLC (PHRF & OD).  Note that up north there are a number of boats that do not have valid certs and race on club provisionals, I didn't go digging for their home port if they did not show up in the Ches-PHRF Valid List.  Any listed as Unaffiliated have valid certs and listed their own boat this way.

I submit that the events may compete for handful or two of boats in the Herrington, West River & Annapolis areas but that is all.  There are a few boats from north that went far south, and I saw two from far south that went north.  Nothing more.

Sail    Rating    Owner    Boat Name    Club
22764    126    C. COMPTON & M. McNAMARA     ARTEMIS II     BCYA
23244    84    NARLIN BEATY     BAD MEDICINE     BCYA
53557    135    STEPHEN TONER     ECLIPSE     BCYA
83472    123    ANDREW GUHL     FOGDOG     BCYA
40582    120    BOB SOPKA     INFRARED     BCYA
43    90    HUGH BETHELL     JESTER     BCYA
63448    96    RAYMOND PEROUTKA     VULTURE     BYCA
22882    144    PHIL HELDRICH     CHAOS     CBYRA
30106    117    GREG ROBINSON     INCOGNITO     EYC
83419    156    JOHN MURRAY     OPUS     EYC
93600    126    AARON RESSLER     PARROT HEAD     EYC
93442    75    DENNIS GLACKIN     REJOYCE     GRF
32599    99    GLEN HARVEY     KRISTANY     GSA
51128    135    DAVID KOZERA     LIQUID LIMIT II     GSA
52324    78    KEITH MAYES     JUBILEE     HHSA
97    87    MARK BURROWS     JULEP     HHSA
13177    174    STEPHEN DRAIN     HEYDAY     MRSA
83350    117    E. TRACEY & T. POLK     INCOMMUNICADO     MRSA
25557    90    BOB STAHLER     JUBILEE IV     Not In PHRF
96365    132    F. SCOTT NICHOLS     NICHOLS' QUARTERS     Not In PHRF
252    90    BILL CARRUTH     PEREGRINE     Not In PHRF
----     132    GLEN WILSON     QUIXOTE     Not In PHRF
115    129    STEVEN ANASTASIO     RODEO CLOWN     Not In PHRF
523    90    DONALD SANTA     SANTAS REIGN, DEAR     Not In PHRF
3386    129    GARY PATENAUDE     SEAMMA     Not In PHRF
83299    72    KAREN LENKEY     THE FISH     Not In PHRF
407    90    JOHN KIRCHER     CHESSIE     PCRC
33510    138    TONY & CELIA MOYNAGH     ELVIS     PCRC
42340    78    MARK TAYLOR     LEGACY     RCRA
2742    213    RICH HARRITY     SAFARI     RCRA
93300    66    NICK ILIFF     MUSKRAT     SCC
93123    117    BOB DYMOND     GABRIELLE     SYC
93356    102    GLENN GORENSTEIN     RAG TRADE     SYRSA
82    72    PAUL SUSIE     AFTERSCHOCK     Unaffliated
93421    75    ANDY FRIX     CANVAS CAPER     Unaffliated
50366    126    WILLIAM TRAINOR     FLOW     Unaffliated
93223    141    TONY OGDEN     MAKAI     Unaffliated

Sail    Rating    Owner    Boat Name    Club
362    0.799    JOHN ENDERLE     BAY WINGS     CMA
1055    0.703    JEFFREY SHORT     ENDURANCE     CMA
48    0.892    BENJAMIN CARVER     ENTOURAGE     CMA
185    1.002    JOHN NICHOLSON     FAIR CURVE     CMA
528    0.745    JERE & LLOYD GLOVER     GEMINI     CMA
410    0.912    KATIE WESDYK     LOLA 3 THE WILD CHILD     CMA
93601    0.779    JOHN MORFIT     TARDIS     CMA
27042    1.012    DOUGLAS DYKMAN     TEMPLE OF THE WIND     CMA
M 6     0.987    JIM PARROTT     THRILL RIDE     CMA
161    0.936    DANA STOFFREGEN     WIND PLAY     CMA

Sail Number    Rate    Skipper    Boat Name    Club
USA 1162    J/80    John White    (no name)    Annapolis YC
2634    117    B. Harrison / John Yeigh    A Parent Tripp    Annapolis YC
11    J/80    Bert Carp    Eleven    Annapolis YC
259    J/80    Derick Lynch    Outlaws    Annapolis YC
739    J/80    David Andrill    VAYU    Annapolis YC
255    J/80    John Potvin/Tom Walth    Windrider    Annapolis YC
83278    111    Michael Strauss    Errant Belle    Bert Jabins YC
3230    156    Leo Wardrup / Firsome, Inc.    Black Widow    Broad Bay SA
88    096    Robert Howell    Cymru    Broad Bay SA
52465    078    Ken Huston    Pilot Error    Chesapeake Bay YRA
1150    J/80    Alexander Kraus    CoolJ    DHH
59    J/80    Jesse McKnight    Church Key    Eastport YC
1106    174    Kathy Downs    Early Bird    Eastport YC
93489    090    Jeffrey Leigh    Huck’s Finn    Eastport YC
USA 286    J/80    Ken Mangano    Mango    Eastport YC
60    J/80    Mike Hobson    Meltini    Eastport YC
1314    J/80    Ramzi Bannura    Stacked    Eastport YC
355    J/80    Vince Kalish    White Lightnin’    Eastport YC
USA 7070    069    Craig Wright    Afterthought    Fishing Bay YC
434    171    Paul & Julie Ann Wash    Cheeky Monkey    Fishing Bay YC
USA 167    069    Sam Mitchener    Double Eagle    Fishing Bay YC
83269    117    Dennis Hannick    Goin?    Fishing Bay YC
484    171    Bob & Lisa Fleck    Horizon    Fishing Bay YC
40189    168    Brad Miller    Schiehallion    Fishing Bay YC
12979    270    Pete Jensen    AWOL    Georgetown Racing Flt.
660    126    V. Zimmeran/B. Barnes    Bona Dea    Hampton YC
41231    123    Pat & Jake Brodersen    Midnight Mistress    Hampton YC
83413    198    Justin Morris    The Hunter    Hampton YC
42449    060    Leroi Lissenden    Voodoo 2    Hampton YC
129    177    David McCullough    Gitiana    Herrington Harbor SA
52196    141    John. D. Uelmen    Kaya    Herrington Harbor SA
USA 9    084    Dave & Donna Prucnal    Ultra Violet    Magothy River SA
156    045    Louis Nees    Out of Reach III    New York YC
USA 51171    036    Pete Hunter    Wairere    Sailing Anarchy YC
33311    126    Andrew Dyer    Blue Bayou II    Sailing Club of Chesapeake
441    126    Jack Andre    Blitzzen    SIYC / SMSA
404    150    Sail Solomons    Allora    Southern MD SA
39519    048    Dan & Wendy Schneider    American Flyer    Southern MD SA
764    174    Trevor Harney    Audrey    Southern MD SA
USA 063    039    James Whited    Bad Cat    Southern MD SA
141    171    Carl Feusahrens    Badger    Southern MD SA
93575    078    Dan Rossi    Bandit    Southern MD SA
US 50473    039    Marc Brier / Bill Riddell    Cheetah    Southern MD SA
36051    111    Chris Helmcamp    Cheetah    Southern MD SA
93084    159    David & Jacki Meiser    Easy Button    Southern MD SA
355    204    Spencer Wait    Foxy Lady    Southern MD SA
708    138    Sail Solomons    Friandise    Southern MD SA
3700    120    Joe Frost    Gemini    Southern MD SA
2041    186    Jimmy Yurko    Holder Tight    Southern MD SA
47    114    Lawrence Ray    J Ray    Southern MD SA
USA 788    J/80    Clarke Mc Kinney    Knee Deep    Southern MD SA
63243    114    B. Hathaway / T. Moulds    Natural Disaster    Southern MD SA
23795    045    Norm & Rosemary Dawley    Pursuit    Southern MD SA
USA 158    J/80    Mark & Robin Witte    Rakali    Southern MD SA
USA 41    054    John & Linda Edwards    Rhumb Punch    Southern MD SA
6    141    Rod Schroeder    Ruste Nayle    Southern MD SA
US 116    132    Mike & Becky Ironmonger    Sabrena    Southern MD SA
C 40 LRC    180    Dennis Chandler    Safina    Southern MD SA
23827    174    Sail Solomons    Shamal    Southern MD SA
2276    177    Max Munger    SherMax    Southern MD SA
161    171    Betsy Dodge    Spinster    Southern MD SA
63383    129    T. Elliott Peterson    Stingray    Southern MD SA
007    081    Peter D’Arista    Supra    Southern MD SA
99    174    John McKinney    Tennounce    Southern MD SA
63199    111    Dan Shannon    The Doghouse    Southern MD SA
80    132    David Zonderman    Walkabout    Southern MD SA
93121    132    Mark Gyorgy    Wicked Good    Southern MD SA
111    186    Daniel Ahern    Wild Thing    Southern MD SA
293    204    Al Brewster    Cool Change    St. Leonard MD
93101    102    Jake Wolf / Bill Ward    Remedy    St. Mary’s College MD SA
1769    159    Mike Rajacich    Big Time    Tred Avon YC
53588    144    Mark Maiocco    Victoria    US Sailing
63091    135    Jay Addison    Dulany    West River SC
120    129    Jon Opert    Orion    West River SC
999    284    Richard Zantzinger IIII    Smoky    West River SC
452    102    Kenneth Manning    Gypsy    Zahniser YC

In Topic: Are lessons really worth it?

23 July 2014 - 03:30 AM

Take your boat to a OD Buccaneer event that is 2+ days.  Talk to the class about coming a day or two early and needing someone aboard for both the early days and during the reagatta to teach you what you need to know about the boat.  Be very nice but set some expectations so that you get what you need.  If you are gracious about the help you will likely be treated like royalty and end up sailing with an old hand in the fleet, while learning more in those 2-3 days than you would have learned during that $400 session and an entire season sorting it out by yourself.


I just got a used buccaneer 18 off of craigslist and I really want to bring it out, I have never sailed before but I have it figured out how to get the mast and sail up. Should I take a $400 lesson or just try to figure it out?

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23 July 2014 - 03:22 AM

I think the real issue is that few have the time for delivery, crew coordination, set up and take down, and then there is the cost of staying somewhere.  The middle class has been slipping for 15 years and doesn't have the cash or free time it used to and requires cheaper boats.  I'll abstain from a SB rant here when it comes to smiles per miles divided by dollars, that's covered below.


The J/70 class is so big because it's easy to trailer and is basically a Laser class when looking at OD.  Otherwise it's slower than a J/80 with the same SA/D #'s of a J/105, which people like because most are not interested in athletic boats that wash them out.  The 21.75' peoples trailer sailor.  It sure ain't sporty.


I don't think most boats can afford to travel and don't see the events as competing with each other.  I'll be at SPLC next year because it's 3 days of good racing, good fun, and the new format is similar to what I used to travel out of state for.  The only other event that I know of similar to what SPLC has become is the Stingray Regatta at FBYC.  Nothing in Annapolis or the north Bay comes close.

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22 July 2014 - 03:14 PM

SBRW uses Down The Bay the week prior as their feeder race.  There are tons of docks in and around Solomons so I think the current format is ideal.  People do not get as much vacation time anymore unless they work for the government.


I'm not looking to start a non-SPLC discussion here.  If there was coordination with up north, it needs to happen in meetings, not on an SA flame board.