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In Topic: Turbo Laser / Torch

25 August 2015 - 04:51 PM

So the rating gods (friends running RC) have changed the rating a few times, usually getting tougher, once it was nicer.  I did the USSA calculations for a larger mainsail and they are tougher than the ones I have sailed under, and I feel they are closer.  So I recently submitted them to the RC types for future use.  The sail easily sails to the rating in light air, close in sorta light air, not at all to the mid wind rating, and I do not yet know about force 5-9 but I'm guessing it will again sail to the rating.  Times are being kept and I'll submit them to USSA at year's end.  Submitted for your disapproval:


Centerboard    NAPY    D-PN    Wind HC For Handicap Range

Class                                              0-1       2-3       4        5-9

Laser Sq          LASEQ     89.3      90.8    90.0    89.2    85.2

In Topic: To protest or not

16 August 2015 - 07:43 PM

Taking the wrong attitude towards the situation.  This is quality rum time, with a side garnish of protest.

File the protest and politely barge the line at the bar explaining that you are loading up on rum drinks because you have to go sit in the protest room with someone that fouled you.  Have someone promise to check in on you and bring another drink if it takes more than 30 minutes.  If you like the person you are protesting, bring them a free drink, they will be less bullshitty.

Protest, always.  It's just part of the game and the game is self policing.  If that sounds like a bad way to spend your time, stop complaining here.  You could have protested in the time it takes you to post, refresh, see others answers, reply some more, etc.  You could have saved time and drank some rum.

In Topic: Turbo Laser / Torch

25 June 2015 - 12:55 PM

And how well does the Moth-type mainsheet (4:!) and (kicker 15:1) work with the Intensity sail? 

I just bought one and need to rig everything.

On the Laser?  I would worry about breaking the gooseneck or bending the boom.  When I needed to depower and did what I would do with the standard sail (pull almost as hard as I could on the vang), the boom bend started to worry me.  But if you are careful with it, should be fine.

Still waiting for a 20kt+ day to know when over powered.

In Topic: Turbo Laser / Torch

18 June 2015 - 03:05 PM

Really unbelieveable that these guys from Laser do not upgrade the boat with a square top main and carbon mast and boom. (really cheap nowadays)

Despite the old hull it could survive another 20+ years.

I'm not a fan of going carbon.  The Laser OD is large and too much change hurts that.  Plus the Laser is a 44 year old design, the hull is long out of date.  If you want better control of power a hull like the new RS Aero 9 with its carbon rig is a better way to go (if one ever shows up on the Chesapeake Bay).  The Powerhead by Intensity is a cheap way to update the Laser.  The mast bend in the aluminum mast offers significant powering down options with the squarehead and the vang works a little differently when the breeze is up due to sail geometry.  I'm thilled, it was cheap to do and I have something to relearn on as well as go a bit quicker.  I have an idea of how fast the boat is but will wait till there are more races against a wider array of dinghy's before making any silly statements about it.

In Topic: Small sporties in PHRF racing

08 June 2015 - 08:31 PM

Are the local OA/RC going to allow you to race PHRF without lines?  The Shaw650 was booted from every event in the Bay by the OA, from SBRW to LDR for this excuse.


I got my cert from PHRF CHES back in April for the i550.  I think they were pretty righteous about the whole thing, although it puts us in the tail end of PHRF B, here, rather than scratch boat in C.  I don't really care for rigt now, just glad to get the thing rated!  :)