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In Topic: Come try a viper - Annapolis

18 April 2014 - 03:49 PM

Tim, I've been putting the event up on various locations.  Any additional adverts is appreciated but this being a bit of a first run, I expect an earlier effort to be made next time.  They are considering doing this in the fall.


By the way, a Shaw 650 will be there as well.

In Topic: Interesting shake ups coming to CBYRA Schedule.

25 January 2014 - 04:16 PM

We are in the final efforts of releasing the new website. It will initially be for user renewal and event management, more to come later. I hope to be live mid week next week, end of week is the drop ded date.

In Topic: Interesting shake ups coming to CBYRA Schedule.

11 January 2014 - 02:52 AM

how can i help in a way that doesn't require my physical presence in Annapolis, and will not depend on my fading Fortran programming skills?  I'm in. 

Can you learn Javascript & PHP or Ruby?  ;-)

In Topic: Interesting shake ups coming to CBYRA Schedule.

11 January 2014 - 02:49 AM

Yacht Scoring is primarily race management software.  We need member mangement, events, clubs, fleets, RN comes closer to this.

Dan, Why use Regatta Network?  Have you taken a serious look at Luiz's option (Yachtscoring), which is used more broadly and imho a better and more user friendly option?

In Topic: Interesting shake ups coming to CBYRA Schedule.

10 January 2014 - 04:38 PM

Ok, here we go.

At the Dec. 2013 Annual General Meeting, CBYRA suspended its normal operations for 2014 to concentrate on a reorganization as all volunteers agreed that CBYRA was not what sailing on the Chesapeake Bay needs.  This concern and subsequent motion was voiced to the Member Clubs who after much heated deliberation voted unanimously to support the motion that CBYRA suspend some of its internal workings, continue sailor services, and begin reorganizing itself.  CBYRA formed a Re-org Board which is rewriting the ByLaws and will be submitting them to the Member Clubs by early Q3 of 2014 for review.  The goal is to have ByLaws that are modern and reflect current and future needs and remove all cruft such as teaching people how to build boats, midwifing children while at sea, or teaching navigation by sextant, sundial, and hourglass.  The ByLaws are that old and that sentence is not a gross exaggeration of the text in the existing ByLaws.

Your online services ideas have been officially documented and integrated in my features list called, "if Google were creating a new service called YRA/Club/Fleet Manager".  Much of what you have posted was already in the list, and I've been documenting ideas for two months and will continue to do so.  I hope to story board the site ideas and present them to the Executive Board, Member Clubs, and fleets in the future but not until the RN site is live and most bugs worked out.  I don't expect that to happen until late 2014.

The old website will be chucked, I'm working on that now.  We are moving to what is currently popular, Regatta Networks.  Why not write a new one?  Re-inventing the wheel when the existing site is broken and needs immediate replacement, coffers nearly bare, and precious few volunteers around means it is not possible to create a new site from scratch and Bay sailors needed a new site years ago.  We are using what is being used at many other YRA's who are much more successful than CBYRA, so this is believed to be prudent.  Afterwards the Executive Board will assess its future and available resources and then consider what new services to create.  To re-iterate one very key point, the coffers are bare, CBYRA cannot finance a site from scratch.  RN is a very reasonable fixed price service and in wide use across North America.

Since CBYRA is currently a very small organization with few volunteers, much of what you outlined at the end of your post is out of reach of CBYRA, but try we will.  An individual well known in the Annapolis area, promoted and started a new class outside of the Cruising One Design, One Design and PHRF classes called the Corinthian class.  It was based on the idea that for your boat to qualify in the class it must have white sails (no spinnakers), a full cruiser interior, and an ablative bottom paint job, aka a real cruiser.  This is the perfect vehicle to get families out that are not currently racing as it requires very little additional expense and represents more than 90% of boats at the marina docks.  I personally do not know if he is doing this any more, he tried for a few years and Corinthian class showed up at a few regatta NOR/SI announcements but I haven't paid attention to large keel boats in the last three years.  I believe he owns a cruising J/36 In Annapolis if the hint helps and you have the desire to help him.  The gentleman used to be a poster on SA so I do not feel at liberty to reveal his name directly (this used to be SA's prime directive).  Communicate with me in a message and we'll discuss him in personal email.  At the next CBYRA meeting I will be asking the Re-org Board if the new CBYRA will include a Corinthian class division with representatives and mission.  If not, I will submit a motion to include one.

Subordinate is a word used in this forum, not CBYRA, to describe what are the fleet captains that represent the various OD, COD & PHRF fleets and they have an overall representative at the executive board level.  Because the past infrastructure was seen as ineffective this is all on the white board for change during the re-organization.  I don't know what that will be, I'm not on the Re-org Board, I am a drone working on the website migration and because I have the creeping crud this week, I'm not making the progress I hoped to.  I hope this was informative and if you currently do not do so, that you consider volunteering at your fleet, club or CBYRA to help fix sailing on the Bay.


To the last message here, CBYRA answers to the clubs as well as the members and has internal issues to sort out before it can begin offering new services.  There are serious structural and financial problems being deliberated and when those are resolved, you will see more information.  But I cannot stress enough that there are so few volunteers that much of what you are asking for is hard to do because you have a small handful of people doing what requires many to do.  CBYRA is currently staffed at around 30% of what its writ requires.  Hate what you see, step up and help change it.