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safety requirements, or not...

28 May 2014 - 01:25 PM

Sailing in different fleets as an owner and crew, I've not been able to understand the following safety requirements, or lack there of.


Racing dinghy:  Not much further than a PFD, paddle, and towline.  The RC will sometimes pull the fleet into an open area of the bay, fairly deep water, more than a mile from shore.  I like this area and am not a fan of the inshore areas as they are infested with powerboats, PWC's, etc.  I'm very comfortable sailing in this area.


Small keelboat OD: Not much further than PFD's, paddle, towline, compass, and bucket.  An auxillery is a requirement, or not, of the fleet rules.  Races in the same area as above.  Same comments as above.


Small keelboat handicap: ORC4 requirements which are too long to list here but basically the boat is capable of coastal cruising.  Depending upon the boat if will never meet these requirements, examples include: J/22/24/70/80, Melges20/24, Viper640, Tripp26, you get the idea.



I'm writing this because I just read an email from a skipper/friend of a VX/One who has decided to not race his boat in a large local regatta because there is no way the boat can meet the specs.  In the mean time there will be starts for boats like the J/70 and J/80 in the same area he would have raced.  I hope his comment about maybe quitting racing and becoming a cruiser are a joke, but I know he is fed up enough to maybe go ahead with it after another 2-3 years on the VX.


I really do understand the need for safety and have done multiple ocean races.  But the handicap rules versus what OD is permitted to do, makes little sense.