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In Topic: Sydney to Hobart 2016

27 December 2016 - 09:59 PM

Great win Loyal but what about RRS 51

this about 51


In Topic: Sydney to Hobart 2016 - everything under 80ft

27 December 2016 - 12:52 PM

Where's gybeset? 
Seeing him go off has to be one of my Christmas traditions at this stage.

have you upgraded your Laser yet, if not a new 2nd hand sail ? can you place in a interclub already?

meanwhile, in real news PL is around Tasman Island at 17.5k

In Topic: Sydney to Hobart 2016 - everything under 80ft

27 December 2016 - 12:47 PM

Francis you need to varnish up that rocking chair and follow this thread then.http://forums.sailin...l=&fromsearch=1

:D   To be clear, my complaint isn't that WOXI isn't a seriously good boat.  It is the ethos that makes it the big fish in a small pond. WOXI is basically raced once a year and highly tuned for one purpose. For even another supermaxi, going mano et mano with WOXI is not a great game, as all the other supermaxis are either lower budgeted teams or boats that do more things than the one race year, so are not as highly optimised for it.  This has the result of making other local maxi's a bunch of also rans, and makes the prospect of making the effort of brining an overseas maxi here less attractive.  You come over, and there is this one trick pony in the race that is almost always going to beat you.
Then we get the ridiculous press coverage.  No interest in the real race, just inane coverage of the big 7 on the sail. You could be forgiven for thinking that the entire purpose of the S2H is to see how fast WOXI can make it out of the heads.
I mean it when I say that if WOXI was to vanish the S2H would open up. Currently we have a race where all we can do is wonder about the marginal weather scenarios that would allow another boat to squeak past WOXI, where the odds against any other competitor winning are about one in five. It just makes for poor racing, and ultimately a situation where WOXI's presence is detrimental to the entire S2H.
Removing the supermaxis entirely might even be a better answer.  A race where there is real competition and range of seriously credible and level competitors.  That is what we want. Not a floating wine billboard.

Absolutely spot on - The Hobart with WOX1 is an annual exercise in maritime masturbation and mass marketing of mediocre booze. Anyone with a half-educated palate will tell you that the O wine is fucking ordinary and should best be drunk in sufficiently large volumes to dull the pain of the annual drivel that Ch 7 serve up as the Hobart start coverage.
Fortunately, I don't have to do that because I won't be watching.

I don't get your obsession with WO

as things stand Perpetual Loyal will likely hold the race record, and at at a much higher bar.
it was a reasonably soft record previously

and PL will have Line Honours

thats what going down as we speak ?

In Topic: Sydney to Hobart 2016

27 December 2016 - 12:34 PM

Its smoking at Tasman light at the moment.. http://www.seabreeze..._east_coast.asp


dayum Hilly !!!!!!! want to see bigger numbers from Loyal

In Topic: Sydney to Hobart 2016

27 December 2016 - 11:57 AM

SCANAS, you are obviously an uneducated Assie redneck.
UBox owner is called Wang Bin - get it right and get used to it.
If you can't think anything better to say than attempting to make racist jokes about an owner deserving just as much respect as anyone else involved with the race then it is better that you say nothing.
He happens to be a friend of mine.

Lighten up Jackie!!!!!

Your not in Kansas anymore!!!!!!

So if Bin Wang catches Lolal in the Derwant then, Bin Wang King of the Derwant, may not be an acceptable headline for the papers ?

but then he may be Cock of the Derwent, and Shanghai won't like that !


on another note, every dog has its day, Speedboat/Loyal has, given its record up the harbour recently (two in a row out of the harbour,plus 1st leg SOLAS) it was hard to judge it a big ol slower boat, its sweet !