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In Topic: Anyone ever sailed a Javelin?

Yesterday, 04:05 AM

The world's dinghy culture at a glance:
USA: old piece of shit daysailers.
UK: Sporty medium performance dinghies that a lot of different people can get into
AUS: fucking fast development classes with enough sail area to cover a house.


well, not Quite


the AUS one is a NZ Spencer designed class, it's the larger of the Flying Ant/Cherub/Javelin trio .. 10.5' - 12' - 14'  

In Topic: Bumpy water very shallow cruiser/racer?

Yesterday, 03:34 AM

Technical data 27 Length (LOA): 7,99 m Beam 2,54 m Draft 1,95 m / 0,95 m Displacement in standard configuration 1380 kg Keel weight 580 kg Sail area 48m² Nautical design Manuard YD Product design Gigodesign Standard specification Seascape27-Spec.pdf (62 KB)




In Topic: 2014 Moth UK & World Championships (July 16 to 25th)

Yesterday, 03:33 AM

"Further down the fleet there is some frustration about the time limits. Dave Chisholm, who is racing one of the home-build Moths said, "The problem is you've got guys with brand-new kit that are really good sailors; America's Cup sailors, Olympic sailors and World Champions, particularly in the marginal foiling conditions they're off. For the guys with the older kit who've come here for the craic of the whole thing and to support the event finishing within 15 minutes of the top guys is impossible, especially in these marginal conditions. I got lapped by the first windward mark today and I foiled most of the way. The guy with the oldest boat here has sailed in every race and he hasn't got a single result and they need to think about that. It is of course about the elite sailors that are here, but they need to think about those sailors who are further down the fleet."




q1. Are they not using the 'finish on the lap' you are on (i.e. when the leader finishes) rather than score a DNF/C


q2. will Sorrento use that 'race car' system ( i.e. finish on the lap you are on)


q3. what will the time limit be at Sorrento?

In Topic: Whatever happened to the Classe 950?

Yesterday, 03:03 AM

if a child was as ugly as a 950 you'd forego it and have another shot at it 


in this case you'd just buy a Figaro II




was there ever a nice one that didn't look like a d dix kit ?

In Topic: So what news of Syd's new ride?

Yesterday, 02:54 AM


I'm not picking up what Syd's putting down. Why spend the money? His place in the Line Honours rankings isn't going to change give or take any new comers?

dumb comment, you think they are not investing in a chance to win?

GS they might think they are going to win but do you really think they will beat oats or loyal?


this kit won two hobarts ago, are you saying Dovells hull is going to be slower than the existing?  or that Oats can continue to finish Hobarts for decades without equipment failure resulting in a DNF or at the least slowing her up to the speed of the opposistion?


bye the bye she was on Loyals arse at Tasman Ils. 6-7 months ago, that is of course the old config