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In Topic: John Lennon

09 December 2015 - 09:11 PM

I saw the Beatles live in San Diego in '65.  It was at the height of Beatlemania.  They proceeded to get more creative and important.  Of course by '80 they had been broken up a while, but there was always a possibility they could have a reunion. Groups do that all the time.  I'm in SoCal and on that day I was on a business trip in Chicago, when I heard the news (today oh boy).  I obviously didn't know him personally, but it did affect me.  I guess I realized that that period of time, and my life, was really gone and couldn't ever come back. 


I recently saw "Love" the Cirque du Soleil Beatles themed production in Las Vegas.  It was really good, and frankly the whole story and music moved me still.

In Topic: that's what you get for parking in the handicap spot

29 November 2015 - 07:17 PM

My wife has had a permit for 10+ years.  It was authorized by 2 people with MD after their name ( orthopedic in nature, fused bones, etc. ) but her medical condition is not obvious, and frankly no one's business at all.   We notice the occasional looks from people who think they can instantly diagnose what qualifies as a disability, and it can be annoying.  I personally think that the person who went to medical school and all that follows is probably more qualified than me to judge someone's physical condition.