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In Topic: Any Deaf sailing clubs and/or sailors out there?

29 August 2012 - 08:38 PM

You still have to see their ugly faces :-D

In Topic: Any Deaf sailing clubs and/or sailors out there?

29 August 2012 - 03:45 PM

Ok, hey, here I am! Good to drop in on SA again.
I am HH (hard of hearing) and not Deaf so I know maybe three signs & my name, tops. Actually I don't think I even remember how to spell my name. But I would love to get involved with Deaf/HH sailors. I have materials to learn ASL; I just have never had anyone to practice with. The one other HH person I knew got too busy with law school to practice with me although I think she wanted to learn to sail. She used interpreters throughout law school. Maybe I can brush up on my ASL now that I'm unemployed.

I ranted on the other thread enough about hearing aids on boats & not being able to hear the back of the boat so I won't repeat it here but if I could find a boat where the driver is willing to learn a few signs I would be DELIGHTED to sail without having to choose between endangering the aids or being batgirl.

I second the competitive advantage of signing on boats in a race; I've been trying to tell crews that for years. Getting them to bang on the deck (I'm not sure tapping works with me; I get a little too energetic during races for subtlety) has not worked so far either but neither did telling them to pass verbal notification up to me when we are tacking.

A centralized resource for learning sailing signs, whether standard or just invented, would be SUPER. Please keep me updated with any efforts to do so, or any leagues or clubs formed for HH/Deaf sailors...I want to move to DC eventually. Anybody in RI or southern MA, let me know as well because I'm still in RI right now.

That John Warren dude in the video is awesome. Au pres is "close hauled" in French, as in "bateau au pres" so I think I might use what he did to explain "close hauled" as my SA name, including the holding breath under water look he has! :-D
Wish there wasn't so much finger-spelling though.