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In Topic: SDYC Vallarta Race 2014

11 March 2014 - 07:09 PM

the forecast I looked at looked like a hate mission

In Topic: Toliva Shoals

10 February 2014 - 03:34 AM

Nice job Vang Tang nice to see the Melges 24 represent. Hope to see you up in Seattle soon for the 1D racing!

In Topic: i want to join a racing crew, on Vancouver island

05 February 2014 - 06:17 AM

hook up with the victoria melges 24 fleet

In Topic: Seattle Info

05 February 2014 - 06:00 AM

couple of hints and observations:
moorage tends to be a problematic thing depending on LWL or if you want to dry-sail a boat. There are waiting lists, best get on the waiting list asap if you intend to store at Shilshole. Elliot Bay is more expensive and a 40 min+ delivery one way to the std shilshole bay race venue. there are a couple other options ppl mentioned but they are generally less ideal.

theres lots of low key racing here, there are some strong PHRF fleets, and a few strong 1D fleets, you can race almost every freakin' day of the year. Olson30 fleet was large but had now been replaced by the combined Melges 24 fleets of Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver, clocking in propably 50+ boats. Beacuse of the logisitics of living on Vancouver Island, the Vic fleet tends to not make it tothe mainland much. Canada Melges Nationals are in Victoria this June. US Melges Nationals were in Seattle in 2012, Worlds in San Fran just this past Sept. The local SC27 fleet is  quite strong and does a far reaching roadmaster series every year. The 105 fleet is small but has a consistent turn out. The Mumm 30 fleet is growing and compettive, no where near the boats as M24 though. Their North Americans were in Vancouver in Sept 2013.

people dont take sailing or partying quite as seriously here as, say, Chicago, because there are endless alternative things to do here, and most hardcores are still skiing, surfing, kiting, or climbing as well as sailing, etc. so people tend to be very involved in lots of alternative things which actually creates less of a "scene". There are alot of family programs.

there is little to no ocean racing here. there are only a few events that exceed 100 miles in length. those that do tend to be quite tough as our offshore weather tends to be quite different from socal, for example, or even outside the bay. There are in no particular order: swiftsure, south straits of georgia both around 120 mi, YBYC Bridge to Bridge off the Oregon coast, and finally the Oregon Offshore, 193 mi, which can be a 150 upwind pounding followed by a 45 mile screamer down the strait of juan de fuca. good times. Van Isle 360 is run odd years, Vic Maui is run even years, but the fleets are very small compared to Pac Cup

if you are interesting in joining a local melges, join our FB group "PNW Melges 24"