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In Topic: Race to Alaska--R2AK 2015

11 June 2015 - 06:33 AM

did I miss something? Front Page declares Elsie Piddock the winners, but tracker shows they still have a long way to go and are sailing at 6.2 knots. What's the deal?

In Topic: Francis Joyon to tackle Jules Verne Trophy

09 June 2015 - 08:06 PM

Interesting approach, but the record is usually decided in the lighter breeze sections of the course. Why they would fully optimize for the heavier air is a little mystifying. The boat is certainly quick though, in its current configuration as Lending Club 2.

Was just going to comment that no one had made mention of LC2. Pretty piss-poor reporting by the Daily sail to mention so much of the boat's history G3/ BP VII/ IDEC sport and not even make note that the boat is CURRENTLY on lease being campaigned by Renaud Leplanche and Ryan Breymaier. two world records this year, and looking good to break the Transpac record. Go the Lending Club 2!!!!!

In Topic: Lending Club 2 (ex-BP 7/ G3) breaks English Channel record

04 April 2015 - 06:39 AM

then it will be refit for Joyon for solo Ultime Class racing.

Solo ultime racing... i think this is going to be the coolest thing the world has ever seen. no holds barred, run what ya brung, bigger is better, wild west, carnage filled frontier shit. 'merica. if not Ryan, then someone needs to sell an American sponsor on the concept. there's so much beauty in it's simplicity.it just makes sense.

either way, super stoked to see Ryan and an American campaign go kick ass and break records in Europe on a boat like that.

In Topic: Profanity = Stupidity

03 March 2015 - 10:37 PM



If you are looking for something approaching a quality product reporting on the sport, this is not the place.  High School level grammar and manner?  This is the place.  They are correct they are not journalists.


Wrong. Simply wrong.


It's a different type of journalism and coverage of the sport, but to say that SA doesn't provide a quality product in regards to covering the sport is simply not true. I'm biased, obviously, since I have strong ties to both Scot and Clean, and occasionally work for SA. But with more people reading (and contributing) to the site than anyone else in the game, and with Scot and Clean having more media contacts than anyone else in the game, they are breaking killer stories on an almost daily basis, not to mention sharing hilarious videos, great photos, reader opinion, etc etc etc that you would otherwise never see. Before you'll ever see a homogenized press release on a lot of the biggest scoops in the sport, you'll get the real down-low, sometimes with a bit of colorful language and opinion, on the front page for free. just like in the real world, you can't get the entire story or every angle of every race from one site. if you want to be informed about the world of sailing (or news), you need to read SA, alongside others like Daily Sail or any of the dozens of sites that merely copy/ paste official press releases, just like you need to read left wing, right wing, major news outlets, editorial blogs, etc to even attempt to have any clue what goes on in the real world.

In Topic: Any ideas for a portable cockpit sun shade for a small sailboat?

03 March 2015 - 10:00 PM

my 27-footer had no dodger across the Pacific. I took the large hat with a bit of sun cancer approach