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In Topic: Route du Rhum 2014

13 February 2014 - 02:44 AM

Good luck and good on you, RM. I will hopefully be there to wish you luck.

And yes, the RdR is shaping up to be awesome. The IMOCA's, something like 51 class 40's, the big tri's... All wih that incredible backdrop of Saint Malo. Trying to go with Clean and cover the whole thing with a lot of in-depth articles and dozens of video interviews and boat tours like during the last Vendee.

In Topic: Ronnie vs Ryan

28 January 2014 - 04:45 PM

Here's an 8-minute video made last year about my "quest for the vendee"


In Topic: Ronnie vs Ryan

28 January 2014 - 04:37 PM

i tried really hard to find a corporate sponsor last year, but without professional assistance i got absolutely nowhere.

In Topic: Ronnie vs Ryan

28 January 2014 - 04:35 PM

Pretty funny to see this thread....


As far as the next American to sail the VG, it's Rich Wilson.


Rich Wilson is going to sail in the 2016 VG in the ex-Mirabaud. He is a race veteran who finished in 2008-09. I hear he is very determined and if you know Rich, you know he's for real. IIRC he will be the oldest sailor to ever race the VG (is this correct?) this go around and he has asthma, so he'll probably sail pretty conservatively, but i'll bet his chances to finish are pretty solid.


Ryan has formed a partnership with 5West. This means he is connected to the Mills' and the brain trust and access to resources that have put together all of Alex Thomson' s campaigns. Add the fact that Ryan speaks French, is a rock-star sailor with a lap around in the Open 60 (BWR), has a super charismatic wife, he's worked on Bilou's campaigns, based in Brittany... In other words, he is imminently qualified. Sir Keith wants American skippers in the next Vendee and for the future of the IMOCA/ Ocean Masters circuit. Ryan's the most qualified and they've already signed him to their agency. I expect him to be in the next VG.


Me: I think my chances to sail in the next Vendee are pretty solid. I am currently working behind the scenes to acquire the funds for an old  Open 60. The goal is to have a boat that I can sail Transpac, Bermuda, Trans-Atlantic with a crew of wounded-veterans. Look at Toe in the Water in England or "Mates 4 Mates" that sailed the last hobart on Volvo 60. This stuff is being done around the world successfully, and my goal is to build our sailing program into something like that. these races would be done as training for me to race the VG for the purpose of inspiring other vets. If I race the VG it will be on an old shitter boat and i'll be sailing conservatively just trying to get around the world and finish the race. if i get my shot, i believe i will prove that sponsorship of IMOCA in the american market is viable and if i can get a VG under my belt, i'd be set up for a compettive 2nd campaign in 2020. That's my goal at least.

In Topic: Lionel Lemonchois - La Mauricienne

28 January 2014 - 04:15 PM

Latest Google-translated presser from PdB:



The rescue plan into action
Since yesterday evening, the bailout Lemonchois and recovery Maxi80 is running. The team of Prince de Bretagne , who studied all the possible solutions , has already implemented various operations , starting with the mobilization of a crew of four ( Frédéric Le Peutrec , Patrice Richardot Gurloës Merrien and Quentin MONEGIER ) will fly at the end of the afternoon in the direction of Rio de Janeiro , where she is expected at 7 am local time tomorrow morning . At that time , two others ( Helfer and Guillaume Didier Le Vourc'h ) take off in turn to South America to lend a hand on site. In addition, two local coordinators are already hard at # 8220 ; PIECE to prepare the necessary equipment. Their goal: to organize towing trimaran in coordination with Arnaud Aubry, remained at Lorient in constant contact with Lionel .
Recall that the multihull is now more than 800 miles from the Brazilian coast abeam of the island Trinidad, with his skipper on board who hoped to stay put after capsizing occurred yesterday between 3:30 p.m. ET 16h . "The trimaran is secure, the central hull is not damaged and there is no risk of dislocation. I have with me the Iridium rescue boat and easy access to food and water. Same as regards the BIB ( liferaft ) if I were to need it , "said the head of the browser Prince de Bretagne with whom he could share in mid- day , noting also that his hand injury was not serious, that '' it drifted due 25 to 30 miles a day in the direction of Salvador de Bahia, the sea was calm and it was raining heavily. In return, the double winner of the Route du Rhum was assured of the confidence and unwavering support of the Breton farmers in the event it passes. For now, he is preparing for a long wait since the tug chartered by the team will not be in the zone for at least five days.
We will inform you of the progress of the operation .