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Lending Club 2 (ex-BP 7/ G3) breaks English Channel record

02 April 2015 - 07:13 PM

Surprised that no one else posted this already, but Lending Club 2 with skipper/ Lending Club CEO CEO Renaud Laplanche and co-skipper Ryan Breymaier broke Brian Thompson and MAIDEN II's English Channel record time by 9 min 25 sec, making the new mark 5 hours 15 minutes!!! Average speed 26+ knots.


Also on board was Breymaier's longtime friend and legend Roland Jourdain, his BWR co-skipper Boris Hermann as navigator and Wouter Verbraak pulling shore side routing duties. Glad to see Wouter already kicking ass again.


Absolutely incredible to see a top French maxi-multihull being chartered by the CEO of a San Francisco-based company and prepping to come to the USA to break records with a combination of top American talent and French legends! These are exciting times! 


Anything special done to the boat since becoming Lending Club 2? Believe I heard that they put the bigger, crewed rig and sails back on the boat. Does that make it essentially the same boat as when Franck took it around as Groupama 3?




A year of breaking records on a chartered boat, Lloyd Thornburg's two-boat program, Comanche, Rambler 88 all coming out of the wood work in the last year..... Only a matter of time before an American builds something brand new with 3 hulls to break the Jules Verne record, no? Too bad the Fed just forecast 0% 1st qtr growth for 2015....