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In Topic: SFPD Investigation Report Into Simpson Death - Exclusive

Today, 06:38 AM


very well said !


If those with real skin in the game , family and other teams included , have not raised these questions then it is obvious that they have had them answered to their satisfaction. 


Of the hundreds of individuals that have a legitimate reason to know the facts not one has come forth looking for more info.


The ONLY explanation is that those with a true need to know , DO. 


It's really not that hard of a concept to understand except for a few with blinders on for whatever quest they choose to undertake.


We have a few cold hearted hypocritical sadists pounding away here that claim to have Bart's families interests at stake per their weak claims on one hand, but double standards regarding transparency on the other hand that they refuse to address point blank questions regarding their motives, like a clear accounting of what actually happened to the $16K in AC33 SAAC funds - despite strong promises to be transparent. Other "inquiries" have a deep rooted corporate agenda against OTUSA falsely characterized as innocent "curiosity", which is certainly pure BS.


Take note -

"I applaud the Supervisors and all our community members, for recognizing the high-quality work that has gotten us to this point in a very timely and transparent process," San Francisco Organizing Committee Chairman Mark Buell.

“I also thank our partners at the America’s Cup Event Authority and America’s Cup Race Management, for their hard work in helping us get to this point.[even tho in the end the ahole circus 34 cost AND STOLE OVER  over $11 million dollars FROM SF ] and a cover up of simpson tragedy by ggyc and cayard / acrm /acea-

yeah ggyc transparent - CHEATERS -      GGYCLE 

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Yesterday, 08:59 PM

additional grounds for Aholes Circus 34 to be dismissed 


ortusa/ ggyc cheating again with rigged up rule breaking devices/controls-


maybe isaf will look into -


thanks to those who posted great intel and graphics 

In Topic: SFPD Investigation Report Into Simpson Death - Exclusive

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

Has the possibility crossed your jaded mind and click seeking MO that they don't want this to be a public matter and would rather deal with it privately ? 


 Bart's own team doesn't even want this dealt with privately but they have to listen to the lawyers.


Only two groups wants this to stay private: Insurance companies and GGYC/ACRM.

true and ggyc nor acrm or acea will get away with their internal joint coverup of that tragedy -


we will have more exclusive results from AC TRUST legal processing of the illegal cover up -

In Topic: SFPD Investigation Report Into Simpson Death - Exclusive

14 September 2014 - 07:51 PM

"I believe that the knowledge has been pretty widely disseminated"

With respect, this is a bit similar to Huston's perpetual assertions "if only we knew what he knew but can't tell us". Sailing is a pretty small global village and surely if there had in fact been a release to the wider sailing community, we'd be hearing about it? Surely such a dissemination could be done in a way that does not include matters that would distress the family? Without the facts, there will be speculation, whether that's from Block or MSP or elsewhere. It's inevitable.

I don't like the way this matter has been treated on the FP as a vendetta and have said so many times. If I've understood correctly, Block argues that is Tempesta's agenda rather than his. You may or may not think that matters.


^^ I agree with dogwatch on this.  There are technical questions about the incident (related to thin ply) that are in fact relevant for me that I don't have and can't get answers to.


There is also the matter of potential criminal negligence, that should not have been allowed to be swept under the rug. 

now your getting the big picture and our intent - and now you folks understand - why we are doing this -


most wont understand HOW I / AC TRUST will get those FOIA'S  -as ADM. CLEAN stated most of you are SEA lawyers -- [ look up definition ]


the next set of FOIA'S  will be crucial in  getting the missing info - 


and defective process to expose cover up and liable parties - 


thanks to dogw/ ESTAR for post of explains -

In Topic: SFPD Investigation Report Into Simpson Death - Exclusive

14 September 2014 - 07:41 PM

the loser haters cant read and are trying to mislead folks here - doubt if they are but wonder why they making up bs ? 


That's pretty rich coming from someone who has spewed horse shit for years with baseless claims of suing governments, countries, accusing everyone of fraud claiming they will go to prison. Tell us, where do you sit with all those claims ? In your tee pee popping more peyote ?


And you and clean strongly implying you are an attorney but falling short of making the actual claim ? My BS detector gets pegged with every one of your BS claims.


You are the one making up BS here, not the others you accuse of it - you are a joke and a total farce. Marion busted you and your lies years ago. 

thanks for confirming your using defective -falsified info from marion / bym-


her bs was a joke still is and even when her article came out you posted her article was bs and now you reverse your position -


thats why your lies about me and hers are just for negative false statements- that dont matter your nothing in this process-



Officer Albie Esparza, a San Francisco police department spokesman, said Tuesday.

Esparza said the police investigation report was given only to the


parties directly involved in the accident and their attorneys.


Esparza added that the report was not made available to the public because it was protected under a state government code that gives police the right not to release it.