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The predicted penalty of a five year suspension from the sport, for Oracle Team USA wingsail trimmer, Dirk de Ridder, would appear to be extreme by international standards. 

The case is due to go before the International Sailing Federation's Review Board in late April. They will consider the report from the Disciplinary Commission, which is the body believed to have recommended a five year penalty on the Dutch America's Cup and Round the World sailor. 

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Foiling 95% of the time, hull shape does not matter

What would travel further with the same initial thrust, 22t of truck or 22t of plane? Aerodynamics matter. Less drag in the air = faster



So true and the proof of the pudding is : 



yeah tipping/dumping  the ac trophy is symbolic jesture of sf fiassco 


so is the cheating ortusa/ggyc did and got busted on - 


and new isaf rulings -


it isnt over yet - at least the prosecution of ortusa / ggyc hasnt rested -  :lol:


did ggyc/ acea ever pay their $ 11.5 million usd debt to sf yet -

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07 April 2014 - 03:46 AM


In Topic: Does Auckland want it...

07 April 2014 - 03:42 AM

Team NZ names new board

Monday, 7 April, 2014 - 15:31

Retiring chairman of Emirates Team New Zealand Gary Paykel has announced the formation of a new five-member board of directors to govern Emirates Team New Zealand.

He said he had consulted widely to assemble a board made up of passionate New Zealanders with a range of skills and in-depth experience in many areas of New Zealand business and technology as well as past experience with the team and the America’s Cup.

Mr Paykel said Dr Keith Turner, a former chief executive and experienced company director, would chair the board.



The board’s immediate tasks are to review the Protocol (the document which governs the conduct of the America’s Cup), assess the possibility of mounting a credible challenge from New Zealand


and prepare a business case for the Government. Oracle, the defender of the America’s Cup, is expected to make the Protocol public within the next few days.

This is a strong group of Directors who will work closely with all stakeholders, including the government, as we make an assessment of mounting a challenge in 2017.

"Should the Board determine that a challenge is credible, I expect the Government will then decide whether to invest in a challenge and if so, seek a further appointment to the board," said Dr Turner.

While details of the management structure and the operating model will be worked through as part of preparing the business case for any challenge, Grant Dalton will assume the position of CEO, reporting to the Board.

The board met for the first time today.



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03 April 2014 - 03:09 AM



spinray or sw soiler - suing 



Jacobson is claiming sexual orientation discrimination, failure to pay overtime, and failure to pay wages upon discharge, among other complaints. He's seeking unlimited damages exceeding $25,000.

The complaint names ACRM Operations US, LLC; America's Cup Race Management; and America's Cup Event Authority, LLC specifically as defendants. America's Cup officials hadn't responded in court as of Tuesday morning and either couldn't be reached by the B.A.R. for comment or didn't respond.


btw thanks spinray :rolleyes:   for pm to link http://www.ebar.com/...s&article=69610