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49er worlds 2016 Clearwater Florida

Today, 07:51 PM


NZ with the perfect start. AUS not so much - very typical for them.
Will they still manage to get the podium or even the win?
Amazing how Nathan can build his level in such an event. I guess he'll manage to ref it up this time too. My tip is for NZ on top and Nathan somewhere between 2 and 4.

A Class cat vs 49er

04 December 2015 - 07:34 AM

May i invite you over to dinghy anarchy for the discussion:



49er vs A class cat

04 December 2015 - 06:22 AM

Okay this is a hypothetical question.
I've raced the old rig 49er including some major events a couple of years ago. Since then i haven't been racing a lot. I have an old FD that i sail for fun with my wife or other non racers.
All boats since the 49er have frustrated me regarding upwind performance. The 49er is known for downwind power and exhilarating runs but the upeind performance is amazing. The leverage of the wings und the trap is just so powerful.
What i also loved in the 49er and i guess you should get in any well setup high performance boat: gust response is jaw dropping. You only feel the power boost forward, no extra heeling or sideways force only forward acceleration.
I'll never sail a 49er again or at least not regularly. There are a number of reasons for that, the most obvious is the lack of a regular crew.
I'm about to move next year and might leave the FD behind as i own it with my brother. I'm already thinking of what boat to get.
Sailing is at a large lake wind light winds. You get a couple of days with averages of 20kns but they are rare. All in all you need to feel lucky if you get a solid 10 to 12 knots.
I'm not focused on racing but having fun and excitement on the water.
For daysailing and occasional big boat or sport boat racing I'll have access to other peoples boats.
So I started thinking about the A Class. Obviously a fast boat, but how would it compare to the 49er in upwind speed? Not that i necessarily need a boat faster than the 49er but for me it is the ultimate reference.
I'd be looking at mid range boat, something like a flyer 2 with straight foils. A newer boat is not a option at the moment.
Of course other boats would also fit the bill, i know people will suggest a moth or a wasp, but these are out of question for the moment.
The typical question: what is sailed / raced at the local club is irrelevant because there are no small boat sailing activities. Maybe some fishing boats but that's it.
In summer there is a big boat practice race every Wednesday but that's it and in summer there likelihood of wind is an issue.
I need reliable boat which will take me home after a 10 mile upwind even in very light winds.
I know there has been a lot of development in the A class, especially with the foils. I watched the videos of Nathan from the 2014 worlds and Ashby from the 2015 worlds. Apparently the improvement within that year (1.5 years) was dramatic. At least for the good guys.
So the ultimate question:
For an average sailor of high performance boats, how does a modern but non foiling A class cat compare to the 49er upwind?
Downwind is not as important for me because the overall time spent sailing Downwind is smaller due to the vmg.