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Today, 07:31 AM

As a foredeck, the first conversation with the owner is to discuss whether his daughter, wife or mistress are more in need of your services.


In my experience it's better to ask those three directly, rather than go through the owner.

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Today, 07:27 AM

Say sledracr, were you onboard that night we sailed the entire length of Newport Harbor, backward, under spinnaker?

Tom's boat Wind Dancer -- the boat on the brochure with the blooper.


It was around midnight or so, after extensive irresponsible drinking. Obviously. I forget who-all was onboard (many brain cells were killed that night.) Maybe even Wash?


See, the Santana 35 was the first boat I had been on that actually handled well under power in reverse. That's not saying it was the first boat in the history of yachts which handled well in reverse; it is mostly an observation of my limited experience with such boats. Anyway, after backing it out of the slip, we just never bothered to shift into forward gear. After getting somewhere in the vicinity where Free Enterprise was docked we decided that things would be a lot more mellow under sail, so the spinnaker went up, flying off the backstay, and we killed the diesel. Once we got near the house, our beers were finished and we realized our utter thoughtlessness in not having brought any more cold beer onboard. Our fate was sealed at that point and we peacefully docked the boat and resumed drinking ashore.



Doing some Google searches for images I found this:



Brenda Santana - 35. She looks serviceably nasty for a 35-year-old. derp.png


In Topic: Santana 35?

Today, 06:50 AM

I fully expected to read about Chartier. I was wondering in what alternative universe Tom would be considered "young"?


How weird would that be to meet another 'Tuna 35 half-way 'round the world?!



Earl of Tasmania was in Brisbane in April.


In this photo at Whitsunday Sailing Club, Airlie Point, you can see the plug planking artifacts that made their way into the production boats! lol.gif


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Yesterday, 04:38 PM



Where did you get that drawing?!?!???!!1


It looks like something I would have drawn, say, 20 years ago.

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Yesterday, 06:06 AM

Some boats also beefed up the bonds between the hull and the chainplate-bearing main bulkhead.

I forgot that the chainplates bolt to the liner!

But some people have beefed up the bonds.