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14th Annual Harmonic Convergence at Lake Tahoe & Trans-Tahoe Race

Today, 04:02 AM

Thursday July 10th overnight at Emerald Bay.
Time to get your groove on with your fellow Tri owners. Immerse your baby in the crystal clear cool cosmic water of Lake Tahoe. Warm days, crisp nights. Cleanse your soul, shock your senses with a Tahoe bath. Clear your mind as the planets align. Meditate with the Milky Way, become one with your tribe. Hike to Eagle Falls among the tall cool Ponderosa pines. It only happens one night a year. It's the Harmonic Convergence at Lake Tahoe. 
51st Annual Trans-Tahoe Race. Saturday July 12th. Finish first and get your boat on the Corsair perpetual trophy at the Tahoe Yacht Club. You got to be in it to win it! Register early, get the discount. Visit Tahoeyc.com
Check out the youtube videos. 
It's a great time to be alive! Get your MoJo back. See you at the HC!
Kevin Gammell
Reno, NV