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In Topic: Visiting Habana - tips and tricks ?

Yesterday, 09:07 PM



Interesting article.  Some of it is about what things you might bring as gifts.

Makes me want to go and maybe bring some instrument strings to the music school in the article.

In Topic: Super Bowl Anthem Hack Job

06 February 2017 - 05:47 AM

I call it the Stupour Bowl for a reason:  if you are not fucked up enough by the end of the game to not care who won then it is your problem.


Yet another "anyone but the patriots" fan disappointed tonight by lack of sufficient drink.


 I hate the Yankees too and I am a new yorker.

In Topic: Save "Keep Turning Left"

04 February 2017 - 08:17 PM

I should like to apologise


on the end of one of my web pages is an address that was half the old one and half the new one


it said




after 25 years with a virgin email it was taken away and I was sold to talk talk.


After 25 years of touch typing that address my fingers knew the shape and autocompleted the email.


I assume that this is the reason that 30 years ago the BBC promoted me out from behind the camera  and microphone and put me in charge of a team. Soon after they realised that I am no spread sheet jockey and within a year I was back behind the camera and microphone. I was much happier for it.


the email is dylanwinter2@gmail.com


what a grade A twassock!


yesterday the film was watched by around 1000 people 500 or so watched it too the end


this is the paypal up to feb 3 if you are interested



Fek ups indeed. 

I wonder how much other money is sitting in cyberspace waiting for dylanwinter2@virgin.com.

Just cancelled my old transaction from a few days ago.  Also wondered why no reply.  Oh well.

New transaction sent for a measly 38 gbp and change.

Glad I was following along in this thread also glad to know that many of you are of a similar mind regarding Dylan's videos and KTL project.

Lets keep his boat afloat!


Now to amend the sailnut thread with this RATHER IMPORTANT information.  ;-)

(CalebD on sailnut)