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05 August 2014 - 09:49 PM

Watched a similar "accident" involving one of the draw-bridges between Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, FL. A sailboat was approaching the bridge under power as it was opening. Boat was going down-current and tried to shoot the opening before the spans were fully raised. Needless to say, he got hooked and was now stuck under the bridge. Funny thing with this particular (old) bridge is that it needed to be fully raised before it could be then lowered - something about the way the safeties were designed. So, up it goes until the boat is now straightened-up and the rig rips out. Way before camera-phones unfortunately!

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31 July 2014 - 01:17 AM

Did a couple of races (Boca Grande, Lipton Cup) on Class F "Circuit Breaker", a Morgan-built Nelson-Merek design. Great experience. Thanks for the memories!

In Topic: Video 1983 SORC

31 July 2014 - 01:15 AM

Does anyone remember the feeder race from Lauderdale to Key West that year?


The morning of the start...55MPH Breeze due east blowing down Lauderdale inlet on a ebbing tide. The breaking waves in the inlet were pushing 15-18+ feet That was more fun than people should have.  We were among the few that went out for our start and made it back in with the rig still in the boat.   "A" division was able to start but the pin end of the line would not stay put.  The anchor just kept dragging.  Several boats had trouble.  INDIGO did a reverse broach on her way out and rolled in the trough of the wave and came up with only one crew member still aboard and no rig.  By that time, the Coast Guard had had enough and forced the Comittee to cancel the race.  Forgot the number of rescues they performed but it was remarkable.


My facts on Nirvana might be off.  They hoisted their main, and it blew apart.  They hoisted their spare and that one came apart also.  We saw them motoring back in under bare poles.  Guess they had spent enough money that day. 




I was sailing on Class F "Circuit Breaker". Boat was brand new, un-sorted, and had a crap rudder. A couple of us more experienced hands took a look at the ocean and had a very late breakfast. The owner was furious that we missed the "start" but we probably saved the boat. Didn't Pipe Dream go on the beach?