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Just did some further research on the two remaining suggestions.


Pettit Vivid's active ingredients are copper and zinc, which takes it out as a contender.


Trilux 33 seems to be available at Whitworths (at $319.90 a US gallon which is pretty steep). Primarily formulated for aluminium, and requires a primer coat. Seems to be a very expensive and time consuming option though.


Their MDS states the active ingredient as copper thiocyanate, so it's out too.


jc172528: Seems your message was posted between my edits. Search for Trilux-33 failed because that's not the name, it's "Trilux 33" without a hyphen.



Summary: None of these suggested options are in the range of new copper-free paints. If I'm going to use copper it will be Hempel at half these prices.


Contains “white copper” as cuprous thiocyanate”. This the main biocide in all alloy antifouls.


 I can assure you 100% those two paints are 100% recommended for aluminium applications. I seriously doubt they'd be recommending this paint if it caused corrosion? The amounts shown on the MSDS are minuscule...


However, last night I was thinking... Annoyingly, International (AKZO Nobel) have two ranges of Marine paint in Australia. There is the "Marine market" such as us boaties, we get the Trilux 33, Coppercoat, Micron, Micron 66 etc...


Then there is the commercial range... There is an International antifoul called INTERSMOOTH, however you can only buy it for commercial applications and apply to vessels over 300T IIRC. I had a mate who worked on tugs in Sydney and gave me some INTERSMOOTH they had left over from a dry docking. Bloody awesome, got 3-4 years from it, no diver. Smelly as all get out when applying, ugly crimsonish colour, but "works"! 


And it's legal... know anyone with a tug?



Don't buy from Whitworths, try to find a run of mill paint shop that happens to stock International if going for Trilux.

Resenes stockists also stock Altex, works out 20% cheaper because you're not buying it through the usual 'marine' store.

I can buy Pettit Vivid® Antifoul for alloy here in QLD from the local Resenes store, so you should be able to track down someone in SYD that sells Altex products.

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Yesterday, 11:40 PM


Good answer except the part about the boat falling apart, a silly comment that devalues the rest of the post.

To see a truly amazing match race check out the Jules Verne.



Like this? I mentioned it in the WOXI thread and was told to 'fuck off' !






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Yesterday, 10:15 PM





Where would you find the long range forecasts,have tried and just get rainfall.?..please

Start here
your a genius....right?


...not a genius....


my bad "typo"....anything else you care to share.




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Yesterday, 10:14 PM

Sorry. Yes, I was trolling.

With it being exactly one month to the start, I just assumed the question would come up sooner or later, so why not today?

Great point of view, by the way.


Think we're at the tail end of the C vs WO trash talking cycle.


We'll move on to the analysis of mods stage when WO emerges from the shed on the 5th. 

This where all the naval architects and CFD experts chip in, Abbo will join the party, GS and JS will have polite disagreements and Chop Chop will post 'I told you so' as WO fly's downwind 30% faster than last year.


Then comes the weather and a general discussion on the merits of palm reading.


This will be followed by the Solas big boat challenge on the 15th, repeat C vs WO trash talking up to the start.


Then we all complain about about the fucking useless tracker... 

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Yesterday, 05:24 AM

Where would you find the long range forecasts,have tried and just get rainfall.?..please



Start here