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In Topic: Does anyone here support Coutts?

Today, 06:05 AM

There was an incredible amount of bitching and hand wringing before the last cycle and most of it from the same braying jackasses.


Things turned out rather well, so carry on.


So true, another CoR bites the dust.

Likely to have no more than 3 challengers and still no date or no venue.

Carry on.

In Topic: Does anyone here support Coutts?

Today, 03:21 AM

230K is a lot for the US, the most ever. In NZ they were getting about a million per race towards the end. Those are pretty dang big numbers.



You get would those numbers in NZL if was sailed in Elliott 6s, Volvo70s or 12m, it's the event not the boat. 

In Topic: Life expectancy of Tiller Pilots

Today, 12:13 AM

During my 1500 mile Scottish adventure I have had two give up on me after a long wet night. they both soldiered on until I got into port and then refused to fire up at the next asking


One was an ST2000. It did sterling work for a week then after one wet night it threw in the towell. Al;l it does is beep at me


so I dug out the back up ST1000 - now seven years old - and it also did some sterling service - for about six weeks then after one long wet night sail it too threw in the towell. When asked to move the ram it just clicks.


I just wondered if anyone has got one that has continued working when wet


and what is the life expectancy of these things




Most dry bag them. 

In Topic: Jeanneau Sunfast 36

Yesterday, 04:40 AM

Naming it sunfast is stretching the truth IMO. They are very porky, and tend to be rigged to suit charter. Try and have a sail on one before investing too much time or money in your search, you may find it a little too boring comfortable after the laser

In Topic: Jeanneau Sunfast 36

Yesterday, 01:44 AM



Never been over impressed with them, never seems to be able to sail to its rating.


Reasonably comfortable down below, but they are a racer/cruiser, although it weights in a 6700kg.


Like any boat it depends what you want do with it, probably perfectly OK for club racing and weekends away.