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Other Cats similar to Miss Cindy

10 September 2014 - 08:58 PM

I was just over on Cruiser Anarchy and was reminded of Miss Cindy






I have always loved this boat but would like to have one a little bigger.  The bi-plane cat rig makes a lot of sense to me for a cruiser. It would give you a multitude of options for the amount of sail area you want to carry at any one time and easy to handle for one or two persons.


What is the max width one could make one of these and still fit in a conventional mono-slug marina slip?  Then given that beam, what is the maximum length one could go?  Would Randy Reynolds say 14' x 33'? Would Chris Hammond say 10' x 23' (Hirondelle 23)?


Are there any cats out there that would meet those parameters?


Pics or they don't exist.